Dec 10 2012

GIF of the Week: The Best Star Trek Generations GIF of all Time

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You really can’t deny that this is far and away the best GIF from Star Trek generations.  It’s got everything you need.   Wil Wheaton kind of throws like a girl for starters.  And then you have a “human” reaction from Data.   It’s truly incredible and whoever too the time to make this little gem deserves some credit.

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4 responses so far

  • Steven Brady

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Star Trek: Generations was a movie.

  • Skot

    Does anybody else see the faintest hint of a smile form on her lips the moment after the ball strikes her shoulder?

    Is it just me?

  • JazzMatt

    I see your Next Generation GIF submission and raise you this gem:

  • Charlie Ward

    Are you just trolling, Nattyb, or are you REALLY a fake geek? I’d like to know.

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