Dec 10 2012

A Lovely Lass of Middle Earth

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Can you cosplay as a map? I think there’s a certain point where no matter how creative an outfit is, we should probably stop calling it cosplay.

The young lady here has taken a complete map of Middle Earth, put it to fabric and made an entire dress out of it. With matching handbag! I love the Elvish writing accents, and of course the brooch gives further attention to detail.

Alright, start with the “I’d like to pillage her Helms Deep” jokes I suppose. There are a million. “I’d love to climb her two towers,” etc etc. I’m just going to go with “I’d love to compliment this fine young lady on her creativity and sewing talent.”

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5 responses so far

  • Heche

    “Alright, start with the “I’d like to pillage her Helms Deep” jokes I suppose. There are a million. “I’d love to climb her two towers,””

    Seriously, you’re going to make stupid and immature jokes about a person just because she happens to be female?

    You saw her, and the first thing that you thought of was to make suggestive jokes. Or perhaps you’re thinking that your readership probably wouldn’t be able to get beyond her sex either.

    (You/what you must imagine the other site-viewer default to): “Hurr, lookit tha nurd wumman, she have boobs, must make sex object of her, durp”

    What a vulgar little troll you are.

  • Heche

    Really, it baffles. I see a woman with a home-made dress that could probably be considered the frumpiest thing ever worn by a woman to a convention. You’re amazing.

    Just wow.

  • Schutzenegger

    I think he was saying that because he knows the internet far too well. Not because he actually makes those jokes.
    Holy cows, take a nap or something – you’re missing the joke at the expense of the usual comment writers.

  • MattChi

    Paul obviously doesn’t think that way, he was just making fun of the typical comments. I think you misinterpreted him.

    I’d like to get in the middle of her earth if you know what I’m saying :)

  • Bill


    Why aren’t you in the kitchen making sandwiches?!?!


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