Aug 09 2012

I’ve Been Podcasted

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So I finally caught up with 2003 and recently appeared on my very first podcast. Longtime reader Mark “TheButterfly” Beers invited me on his show, Across the Nerdaverse, which he’s been broadcasting for quite a few years now with his co-hosts Jessie and John.

I did two episodes over the last few weeks. The first was a Diablo 3-centric one that is still probably relevant to the state of the game today, and the other was a few days ago where we talked about a bunch of stuff including The Dark Knight Rises. I finally found someone else who thinks it’s better than TDK (Jessie), but unfortunately someone else (Mark) sort of hated it.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with it, and will probably be on again at some point. Thanks to them for letting me plug Unreality, and you can check out the episodes below which you can stream or download.

Episode 55 – Diablo 3

Episode 57 – The Dark Knight Rises and other stuff


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8 responses so far

  • theButterFly

    It was our pleasure to break your podcasting cherry! Thanks again for being on the show!

  • Ugo Strange

    I don’t know if I should be a little miffed, I already invited you on a podcast several times before hand and each time received no responses. Then again, I haven’t been doing the podcast game for as long as they have, still…

  • Paul Tassi

    Mm check yo email Ugo

  • theButterFly

    Dont be mad Ugo. I’ve got a sweet a$$ that is hard to compete with. ;-P In all seriousness been a long time fan of your site as well since being introduced to it here. I’ll have to check out your show. Cheers.

  • Ugo Strange

    I ain’t mad Butterfly =D Trust me Yo! We all gotta do our thing and find an opening when we can. =D

  • Beorach

    I had high hopes for the D3 talk but can’t relate since y’all didn’t do the Inferno thing. Maybe this podcast is older than the date listed?

  • theButterFly

    Yeah. You are correct. The episode was recorded about 2 weeks after the Diablo launch. I slacked off in the editing process after recording that show. I still stand by the things that we said then. I think it reflects the feelings that we had about the game at the time. It’s also kind of sad that since then, the game has fallen to the wayside in my play rotation, and ultimately that makes me sad, because I really wanted to like it, and I did really like it for the time that I spent with it. It sucks that I feel like I’ve spent all the time with it that I need to. I was hoping for more.

    I’m making an effort to stay more on top of the production times I hope you at least enjoyed the show.

  • Beorach

    I did enjoy the show. Any disappointment was a product of my expectations. I wasn’t in Inferno by that point in the game’s “life” either. If you pick it up again, I’m Beorach#1340 on there. I haven’t found anything great enough to join the 1% (to use the common parlance) but I’ve been fortunate to have benefited from the generosity of friends such that I can beat the **** out of Act 1 Inferno wearing magic find gear. Eventually the RNG will reward me, right?

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