Jun 11 2012

The Final Countdown: GoT Predictions, Mind-blowing Movie Effects and Starcraft vs. League of Legends

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Go here to see Game of Thrones season three predictions by a non-book reading fan.

“After the first season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” ended, I was so desperate to delve back into the world of George R.R. Martin’s Westeros that I did start reading the first book. I managed to get halfway through before I decided that I’d rather not be spoiled for the show with any foreknowledge. ”

The Countdown

Mind blowing movie effects you won’t believe aren’t CGI – [Cracked]

MLG’s spring championship was SC2 vs. LoL – [Insert Coin]

Madagascar beats Prometheus – [FilmDrunk]

Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda – [Smosh]

67% off Final Fantasy XIII-2 [GeeksAreSexy]

10 bar bets you can’t lose – [TheChive]

The best gamer gear at the – [UnrealityStore]

GTA can actually be moving – [GamerToob]

Rain delays are better with Bill Murray – [WWIW]

The 20 worst film Neo-Nazis – [PopCrunch]

Today’s girl is Grace Potter – [Maxim]

Why E3 was the worst ever this year – [Guyism]

Will ZombiU be the WiiU’s first hit? – [G4TV]

The hottest women in action movies – [Ranker]

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  • Omar

    I know that it may be your favorite show on tv (probably mine too), but I don’t know how this was your first choice to top the Final COuntdown, when almost everything in the post is NOT funny, it’s just stupid.

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