May 31 2012

Swapping Out Monsters in Movies is Funny

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We’ve featured photoshops similar to this in the past.   I love the “genre” of taking a movie character out of one movie and swapping them into another.   On top of being funny it kind of makes you think “what if?”  Which is always a fun thing to think about.

Today I came across some great photoshops on Something Awful that demonstrated what some movies might look like if a monster or villainous type of character were inserted into another movie.   The results were pretty funny and I used the best 15 examples I could find.

Pictures after the jump….

Thanks to this Something Awful forum for the photos

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One Response to “Swapping Out Monsters in Movies is Funny”

  1. [...] You take two scary things from the movies and put them together and you get -something scarier? No! You get comedy! The incongruity of crossing the different fantasy universes in film makes you want to giggle instead of scream. See an entire collection of such silly mashups at Unreality magazine. Link [...]

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