May 17 2012

Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Gets Diablo-fied

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Why yes, that IS the first time I’ve ever had a title with “Bieber” in it, and I expect it’s the last. But it’s for a good reason, I promise. From Terence  Jay Music comes a parody of his “Boyfriend” song which reflects how many girlfriends feel now that Diablo 3 is out.

Complete with Witch Hunter armor, it’s a pretty funny re-work of the song, and I bet there are a few girlfriends out there (my own included) who can attest that some of these points ring true. Not to say that girls can’t ignore their boyfriends for a little Diablo time as well. We’re equal opportunity geeks here.

Watch above, and take your significant other out for dinner tonight. Belial isn’t going anywhere.

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