Jul 29 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Knight Rider

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Is it bad that I didn’t even know that there was a “new” show that came out during 2008-2009? Or is it that the show was that bad, and no one bothered to tell me? Either way, I’m not referring to that garbage (I looked it up – you can find episodes on NBC’s site). I’m referring to the classic Hoff show that helped to launch his career and boost him into German stardom.

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Jul 29 2014

Casting the Amalgam Universe Movies

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In comics, chocolate and peanut butter are rarely mixed.

As much as we may wish otherwise, the big two remain Houses of Ideas divided. Aside from the occasional mini-series (that, obviously, doesn’t really count in continuity), Marvel and DC usually keep all their toys to themselves.

But once, long ago, in a mystical hazy time we call the mid-90s, where Rangers were Powerful and a hundred thousand Tamagotchis all sang out in chorus, the stars aligned. DC and Marvel squared off against each other in Marvel vs. DC, and the result was…well…this: Continue Reading »

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Jul 29 2014

Drop Everything and Go Read The Martian

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“Actually, I was the very lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be ‘in command’ if I were the only remaining person. What do you know? I’m in command.”

I assume you guys are all caught up on Paul’s latest books, and looking for some solid reading material to help finish out the last month or so of summer. Well, look no further than Andy Weir’s debut novel, The Martian. It’s not often that I find myself discovering great books the same year they come out, but… well, I did this time. So I’m passing the knowledge onto you.

The Martian is a rare find. It’s basically a near-future science fiction thriller. More plausible than most; it’s unsurprising to discover its author is a professional software engineer and an amateur science expert. Despite the hard science pedigree, it’s also INSANELY compelling reading material. For someone who spent his teen years reading classic Michael Crichton, this was a total home run.

Meet me after the jump for some more convincing. And don’t worry; this review is spoiler free!

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Jul 29 2014

Batman, Just Chillin’

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Global warming may suck, but at least the melting ice caps are producing some rather cool looking stuff as they slowly drown us all. One such example is this recent “batberg,” a Batman-shaped iceberg that is calmly watching over the water. Until he melts more that is.

Or…perhaps this picture is actually just a very zoomed in version of Batman stuck in neck-high water, frozen solid by Mr. Freeze. That seems more likely to me.

Photographer Mike Parsons posted this to Facebook after he took the picture in Newfoundland, but he didn’t see the Batman resemblance until it was shared half a million times around the world. Really Mike? Come on now.


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Jul 29 2014

The Morning Link: Ranking Scarlett Johansson Films

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“Truly, in perusing her filmography, it becomes clear that she’s used her “bombshell” status to the fullest possible advantage. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m not particularly mad at her for this, you use what you got, you flaunt to taunt, heck I use my giant pasty belly for ballast in every body of water I come across.”

Go here to see the list.


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Jul 28 2014

The Final Countdown: Movie Plots, Cheap Cars and Destiny’s Scale

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Go here to see dumb things movies do to advance the plot.

“Hollywood has endless ways of making us feel bad about ourselves — movie heroes and villains alike are always sexier, richer, funnier, and far more capable of kung fu than we are in real life. That’s why pointing out the dumb mistakes that movie characters make is one of our favorite things to talk about.”

The Countdown

The least expensive cars in the world – [Worthly]
Destiny may be smaller than everyone thinks – [Insert Coin]
The ten best celebrities of 2004 – [Pajiba]
The best TV mustaches – [TVO]
Awesome Star Trek pizza cutter – [GeeksAreSexy]
Lea Michele on Sons of Anarchy? – [CelebrityToob]
Leaked Deadpool movie footage – [FilmDrunk]
15 month old is a wizard – [theChive]
Five band T-shirts to own – [SheBudgets]
The funniest sportsfan masks ever – [WWIW]
Sibling rivalry at its best – [Izismile]

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Jul 28 2014

Living in the Age of Ultron

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(click to enlarge)

Marvel just debuted a new preview poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is actually eight posters showcasing all eight of the Avengers that will appear in the next film. Additions are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, seen in a few panels above.

I’m also not quite sure who the guy in the cape is in the distance there, any guesses?

Hawkeye is really struggling here. I guess having actual superpowers is sort of important when you’re fighting murderous robots. Although Black Widow appears to be punching them in the face just fine.


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Jul 28 2014

Of Course You Want to Watch The Game of Thrones Season Four Gag Reel

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Game of Thrones may be all fire and blood by the time we see it onscreen, but unsurprisingly, it’s actually a lot of fun to make. As part of the “we’re not going to reveal anything important” philosophy of the show’s appearance at SDCC, they debuted their new gag reel for season four.

While it may not answer burning questions about how the show will match up with the books in season five, it is quite hilarious, and it’s always funny to see the actors in costume breaking character as they screw up their lines or miss a cue. Oberyn Martell almost burned himself alive with a wall torch, it seems.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end – #DINKLAGESWAG.

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Jul 28 2014

Video Games are Better Without the Hype

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watch dogs

San Diego Comic Con was on everyone’s radar recently and I was expecting to go crazy for it too. I normally eye livestreams, social media pages, and what not during events like these. However, it’s strange how I let the weekend by without paying attention to any of the news that came out. I only found out about stuff through my Facebook feed or my friends. Promise of information about my favorite games didn’t do much either. I was satisfied knowing in my own way and in my own time. I even stopped looking for The Sims 4 news almost every day even if I love the franchise to pieces.

Sometimes you can appreciate games more the less you know about it…

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Jul 28 2014

A Plea To Game Developers To Keep Making Single Player Games

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A lone man stands on a broken, old highway, with the wind blowing in his hair. In front of him he has miles of destroyed and dilapidated Washington D.C to explore. But a big part of this for him is how alone he is. All around him, only threats loom in all directions. Mutants who want to tear him apart. Bandits who wants to rob and kill him, leaving his body to rot in the dust like carrion. SUDDENLY, three of his friends “drop in” the game and start obliterating everything around him. All sense of dread, loneliness, and solemnity are gone, and he strides forth with his three friends, decimating all that stand in their way. As you can see from the following statement, Fallout 3 would have been ruined by multiplayer. I wrote that specifically to make a point. I live for single player game experiences. I am a loner, Dottie, a rebel. Yet the forthcoming landscape of games seem to hint that this is going to be a thing of the past. All games are trying to cram multiplayer into their game (and even build entire games around it), and I will now tell you why that has put the single player game on the soon-to-be-extinct list, and why that kills the entire purpose of video games (for me, at least).

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Jul 28 2014

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Debuts at Last

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(click to enlarge)

Well, I though that Diana Prince might only have a cameo in the new Batman V. Superman movie, and certainly wouldn’t be in costume yet. But Zack Snyder just proved me wrong at SDCC, debuting Wonder Woman as the last part of the film’s “Holy Trinity.” She will be in the film, though apparently isn’t important enough to squeeze into the title.

Many have criticized Gal Gadot for being too model-y to play the part, as the role requires someone sturdier and less wisp-ish. I think this photo proves with the right costume and workout routine, most actresses can probably make for a badass looking Wonder Woman, her included.

My problem with Gadot has never been her look, it’s that while Marvel takes even secondary female roles and gives them to stellar actresses like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Gwenyth Paltrow, Wonder Woman is literally the most famous female supehero ever, and DC casts the one girl from the Fast and the Furious movies. No not that one, the other one. Still no, the other one. There you go.

Perhaps its unfair to judge Gadot on one relatively paltry role, but it does seem like something of a risk. I suppose we won’t know how this will all play out until the film itself, but at least we know she’ll look the part at the very least.


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