Sep 15 2014

The Final Countdown: Late Night Diversity, Iconic Movie Scenes and Gaming Lessons Learned

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late night

Go here to see why late night is afraid of diversity.

“Kathy Griffin came out last week as saying that a while back, she took a meeting to express interest in replacing Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. So much interest, in fact, that her go-to line was “I can start Monday.” She was told, however, in no uncertain terms, that they were “not considering females at this time.”

The Countdown

Iconic movies scenes stolen from other movies – [Cracked]

What have we learned from Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Destiny? – [Insert Coin]

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in new movie – [FilmDrunk]

10 characters that should be on a Teen Titans show – [TVO]

When game power-ups get mixed up – [GeeksAreSexy]

Five improvements to increase the value of your home – [SheBudgets]

Lauren Conrad gets married – [CelebrityToob]

Deaf pit bull adopted by deaf woman – [PuppyToob]

The richest track stars of all time – [Worthly]

Young couple loses weight before wedding – [TheChive]

The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

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Sep 15 2014

Cute Little Monster Disney Princesses

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No, Tim Burton is not working with Disney again to reboot all your beloved Princesses in ragdoll/zombie form (as cool as that may be). Rather, these are some pieces from artist NoFlutter who has given the Princesses a scary-ish makeover, while retaining maximum adorableness in the process.

There are individual shots of all the girls for you to check out below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Skuzzles’ Cult Horror Post Remakes

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Skuzzles has taken on a number of classic horror films, remaking their posters, but they haven’t done it just for fun. This is part of a larger commissioned project, it seems:

“Earlier in 2014, Skuzzles partnered with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in developing artwork for 13 cult classic horror films. The DVDs and Blu-rays feature illustrated limited edition artwork created by a collective of incredible artists from all over the globe (Ghoulish Gary Pulin, Jason Edmiston, Todd Slater, Randy Ortiz, Josh Budich, Justin Osborne, Paul Shipper, Gregorz Domaradzki “Gabz”, Francesco Francavilla).”

That’s pretty awesome, and you should definitely check out the full colelction of covers below. The Last House on the Left is my favorite above (and my favorite film on the list), but they’re all worth checking out. Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Defending the Rotten: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Did you know that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the only recent Spider-Man film that was deemed rotten from!? I’m sorry, but did everyone somehow miss Spider-Man 3 from Sam Raimi? This injustice has sparked a new idea for a continuing post that I’d like to start – Defending the Rotten. I started looking for other filmson RT that may have missed the “certified fresh” ranking and found that there are plenty that didn’t make the cut. The most recent Spider-Man outing is definitely one that is due for some justification.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I tend to defend the films and television shows that I favor. (as we all do in one way or another) I never ask for anyone to buy into my BS nor do I expect you to, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll read these posts and look at the films a little differently. Again, I can’t fathom how this film was ranked lower than Goth Spider-Man and now I’m about to tell you why.

Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Should We Start Expecting Less from Video Games?

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watch dogs

I’ve already been disappointed by three of the biggest video game blockbusters that have been released so far. I never learned my lesson and I had pre-orders lining up despite facing previous upsets. I’m always searching for movies, television shows, books, and video games that will awe and move me. It’s a tall order, but it’s a feeling I actively seek out. Sometimes I can’t help but think that certain games will have that affect on me. Maybe it’s the hype and other times it’s because I’m intensely loyal to a particular company.

I’ve played The Sims 4Destiny, and Watch Dogs so far. I’m not saying they were terrible games, because they’re actually quite good. However, they not great or amazing either. Is it bad to expect the most out of video games, or should we be challenging developers with our expectations?

Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

The Star Wars Finale Without Music is Exceptionally Awkward

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You’ve seen Garfield Minus Garfield, now experience Star Wars Minus Williams. YouTuber Auralnauts decided to see what it would be like if certain segments in Star Wars lost their famous theme from John Williams. The result? Well, it certainly shows the importance of music in film.

The scene in question this time is the big finale where Luke and Han get medals for being the only ones to not die while blowing up the Death Star. Chewie doesn’t get a medal because racism. Without the soundtrack, the whole affair is rather…awkward. I love the inserted sound effects too like coughing and a new Chewbacca scream. Watch above.

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Sep 15 2014

The Morning Link: Famous Movies With Insane Music Video Tie-Ins

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tie ins

The Goonies, everyone’s favorite movie about neglected children putting themselves in extreme danger to correct the grievous financial mistakes of their parents, had not one but two separate tie-in music videos by 1980s pop superstar Cyndi Lauper. This is not to suggest that she recorded two different songs for The Goonies soundtrack — she made two videos and just used the same song twice.”

Go here to see the list.

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Sep 12 2014

The Final Countdown: Dancing Scenes, Hardy’s Pup and Groot the Hero

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Go here to see the five best dancing scenes on film.

“I have two great loves. The first is poutine, because I’m a proper Canadian. The second is any movie scene of diegetic dancing. That may sound weirdly specific, but it my love for such scenes runs deep. I love movies, and there is nothing I love more in a film than watching characters start dancing out their emotions within the reality of the story. Musicals with choreographed dances are great, but that’s not quite the same. The way I see it, there are few things more cinematic than allowing dialogue to drop out in favour of characters letting loose to a great song.”

The Countdown

Tom Hardy and a pit bull puppy – [FilmDrunk]

Why Groot is the biggest hero of this century – [Cracked]

Destiny isn’t too small, it’s just too empty – [Insert Coin]

A comic that no one can hate – [GeeksAreSexy]

TV vs. movie superheroes – [TVO]

Redesigned minimalist logos – [theChive]

How to save money at the gas station – [SheBudgets]

The highest paid bench players in the NBA – [Worthly]

Clooney heading to Downton Abbey – [CelebrityToob]

Silly reasons for breaking up – [Izismile]

When fashionistas lie about fashion – [WWIW]

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Sep 12 2014

An Amazing Collection of Terrifying, Realistic Pokemon

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This isn’t the first time we’ve featured RJ Palmer‘s realistic Pokemon art, but he’s been hard at work drafting more of these pieces, and now he’s got so many he’s actually releasing the collection as a book.

Palmer takes the standard cartoony Nintendo designs, and transforms the pocket monsters into ACTUAL MONSTERS, once again making me sad that Nintendo will never make a “badass” adult themed version of Pokemon where the creature battling is actually terrifying and epic.

You absolutely must check out the collection below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 12 2014

The Betrayal of Kong

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You kind of have to have seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to get this joke, but given that the movie made like five hundred gazillion dollars worldwide on the back of stellar reviews, I’m guessing that’s probably likely.

In this case, rather that trying to figure out if it was a man or monkey who shot a gun, it’s Cesar investigating death-by-barrel of a certain famed plumber/jumping enthusiast. Artist is Glen Brogan. Good show, my friend.

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Sep 12 2014

Little Mikasa vs. the Titan

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Sometimes, cosplay can be so much better in video form.

The above clip shows little 4 year-old Mikasa taking on a Colossal Titan from the newly famous anime, Clash of the Titans. I mean Attack on Titan. Shit, there goes all my nerd cred.

It shows the Titan rampaging around town, only to be stopped by Mikasa decked out in full jetboost/sword gear, and essentially spanking the beast to death with swords. It’s thoroughly adorable, and far better in video form than it would have been in photos alone.

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