Mar 16 2012

The King of Fake Movie Posters

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This poster caused quite a fuss when it hit the internet this week, as many thought it was for an unannounced Walt Disney biopic starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Ron Howard. Such a thing would of course be awesome, but everyone was dismayed when they learned that sadly, the poster was a fake.

As it turns out, French artist Pascal Witaszek has quite a knack for this sort of thing. He has a number of other fake movie posters (of the non-superhero variety for a change, as those usually have the fake poster market cornered), and you can see them all in the gallery below.

His Romero one is amazing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his Olivia Wilde one actually happened someday.

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9 responses so far

  • EJ

    An actual movie about ABBA would no doubt be better than Mama Mia.

    I don’t get the last one though- ‘False Step.’ What am I missing?

  • sage

    The last one, I’m guessing it’s a believable generic action film. Nothing more.

  • http://nope hallam

    Good posters, but a Ron Howard directed biopic of Walt Disney sounds awful, no matter who plays the guy.

  • Jake Fortner

    Yeah, I’m not the biggest Ron Howard fan . . .

  • slashmastah

    wOW! That’s amazing!

  • Anthony

    damn dad of the dead looks great. when does it come out?

  • bobafett

    Excepting False Step, all of these not only look good but are pretty good ideas.

    Americans only like their action stars for 7-10 years. So Statham and Craig enjoy the sunset. (Craig could easily innovate and be a good non-action star, Statham? Uh, No.)

  • MetFanMac

    I really, really wish #1 was real… not just because of the subject matter but because it’s visually FANTASTIC.

  • Carlos Lopez

    these are good poster..
    but a Ron Howard directed biopic of Walt Disney sounds awful, no
    matter who plays the guy.
    But Excepting False Step.

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