Feb 16 2012

15 Examples of Funny Mixed Up Movie Captions

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Ever watch a movie and see an expression on a face or a certain action that makes you think of another movie?   I have.   I think it’s kind of funny when that happens.  And during those moments when you can think of the dialogue from that other movie it’s awesome.

Well here, we’re doing exactly that.    These are pictures that take lines from other movies that somehow “work” in a comical way in these particular scenes.

Check out 15 examples after the jump….

Thanks to Something Awful for another fine collection….

Don’t just stare at it, eat it!

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2 responses so far

  • Alopezb5

    I didn’t know “there’s no crying in baseball” is a movie quote. My dad who speaks very little English was running around saying that in his Spanish accent the other day. So many questions to ask when I see him…

  • Josh

    No crying in baseball is aTom Hanks quote from A League of Their Own

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