Feb 09 2012

The Morning Link: Ten TV Relationships That Should Never Happen

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Tom and Ann are actually going to start dating. I know they needed something to keep her character relevant but REALLY? Like, REALLY?

Go here to see other TV couples who shouldn’t date.

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  • Uncoolaidman

    Didn’t Anne realize the first date was a mistake roughly 10 seconds in? Seemed to me like it was just a joke to finish the episode with.

  • Uncoolaidman

    Yea, there is no mention of them dating in the preview for tonight’s episode. In fact, it features Louis CK’s return to Pawnee.

  • Jim Lahey

    Ahhhh! This post amped me up even more than usual for Parks and Rec tonight, then I find out the damn network isn’t airing a new episode this week!

    You should write an article about random one week breaks in shows midseason. Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother were all not new last week.

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