Sep 09 2011

The Funniest, Strangest Dead Island Glitches So Far

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I fell in love with the trailer many months ago, but now Dead Island is finally released and we get to see how it stands up as an actual interactive game. I’ll probably rent it soon, but until then, I can only go by gameplay videos.

As is expected, many new games start out with a few glitches, but Dead Island’s seem to be a lot more numerous than most others I’ve seen. That could have something to do with the fact that they released the developer version on PC instead of the retail version, but some problems are happening on consoles as well.

I’ve hunted down the ten funniest, strangest glitches I could find from the game, including a few that appear to be gamebreakers. Like when the final boss of Dragon Age 2 simply stopped taking damage. I’m still bitter about that.

Check out the video collection below:

Screamo Zombie


Third Person Mode


The Immortal Stairway


False Advertising




The Magical Door of Doom


Car Spin Cycle


Frozen in Time



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  • 8ERR

    I’m trying to find a creepy myth glitch like in GTA or Fallout 4. I assume the “budu” has something to do with the actual game.

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