Aug 31 2011

Hey Ash, Whatcha Cosplayin’?

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If you aren’t familiar with Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, you should be, as this is only like the fifteenth time we’ve featured her on the site. She’s a hilarious girl with a web show on Destructoid where she plays/acts out different games with her brother.

Well, that’s not all she’s into, as evidenced by the picture above, she’s also a pretty big Firefly fan. She’s dressed up as River, and her actual brother is dressed up as Simon, so that fits pretty well.

Don’t worry Ash, I won’t make fun of your costumes like I did all those other Firefly fans. Yours are actually pretty good I have to say.

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4 responses so far

  • hca66

    umm…where’s zoey…no black friends….u racists!!!! ha ha

  • Andrew C

    AND she’s a fan of Firefly?? Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more attractive! :D

  • Seantheartist

    Crrrrrraaaaaaaapppppppppppp, I was standing to the left of them! ugh, i was waiting to get a pic of all of them. I had no idea that was ash too. SHIT!

  • Seantheartist

    Also, I thought the girl that was Kaylee was very cute and I kept looking at her.

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