Aug 05 2011

Ten of the Best Five Second Films

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I’ve been meaning to feature these guys for a while, but I’m just not getting around to it as I took about an hour and watched all eight hundred of their videos. Well, not really, but that’s about how long it would take.

It’s an interesting concept to try and condense an entire plotline into just five seconds. It’s a form of video joke telling that has never really existed before.

I went through and picked out a few of my favorites. You can check those out below (it should take you under a minute to get through them all, or just go to their channel here for the full lineup.

Attention Shoppers


Late for Work




The Big Moment


We Should Just Be Friends


Don’t Thinko de Mayo


Magic Show Volunteer


Osama’s Final Video


Getting to Know Her


Missing Stapler


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11 responses so far

  • Lt. Brannigan

    The planking one was hilarious.

  • Lawgiver

    I love these so much. Awesome

  • Lubz

    That planking one pretty much sums up my feelings on what is a really stupid meme.

  • Jim

    late for work ^^

    BTW: shouldn’t it mean “5 seconds films”??

  • xXburekXx

    lost stapler is the best out of these, but the fathers day one this year was really funny

  • Sean

    Nice list.
    I also would add the Pearly Gates one for obvious reasons.

    And Crabwalking and Postman for other obvious reasons.

  • Erik

    Missing stapler…Answers to ‘Stapler’…classic.

  • Dan

    That was the best 50 seconds of my life

  • Mota


  • gradersnsons

    by far the best non-patton oswalt one — limited time offer

  • Mitch

    I think The Absence of the Towels is one of the best

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