Mar 29 2011

That Guy Actor of the Week: Ken Hudson Campbell

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I’ll never forget first seeing Ken Hudson Campbell on a short lived and absolutely horrible show called Herman’s Head.   But if it weren’t for that show I wouldn’t keep seeing this guy pop up all over the place.  Chances are you’ve heard his voice 1000s of times and every time you see the guy you sort of recognize him.

In particular I liked his small bit Santa Claus part in Home Alone.   He was funny in Armageddon and he was even in Coyote Ugly.  Here’s another guy you’d think has more credits in his IMDB profile (40) but he doesn’t.

However, he’s definitely recognizable enough to be on this list.   A clip of Campbell after the jump…


God how bad was this show?

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2 responses so far

  • BobaFett

    Herman’s Head FTW!!!

    Yeardley Smith
    Hank Azaria
    Jane Sibbett pre Friends
    and more…

  • Joe

    “I only sign petitions to bring back old sitcoms. America needs the wisdom of ‘Herman’s Head’ now more than ever”
    -Comic Book Guy

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