Aug 18 2010

The Final Countdown: Lessons Learned from Virtual Boy, Future Video Game and Vegas Buddies

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Go here to see 10 things 3DS can learn from Virtual Boy.

The 3DS may look like the hip new thing right now, but a long time ago, there was something called “Virtual Boy” from Nintendo that wasn’t exactly a huge hit. What can the 3DS learn from Nintendo’s past 3D entry?

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The Countdown

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Metroid: The Other M screenshot gallery – [Heavy]

Battlestar Galactica is better in Chinese – [ToplessRobot]

An awesome X-Wing mailbox – [ObviousWinner]

He calls himself “the blood painter” – [Attuworld]

Stone Cold meets Ivan Drago – [HeymanHustle]

The best gun in a game ever shoots sharks – [DoubleViking]

The best Star Wars fan movies of the year – [Atom]

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