Aug 16 2010

A Gallery of Hot Girls Playing Video Games

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Hot Girls Playing Video Games

I’m not going to lie.  Today is one of those days where my mind is completely blank.  I have no thoughts.  I have no feelings.  I honestly have nothing going on upstairs.  And when I get a brain fart of this magnitude it causes my eyes to wander and my hands to point the mouse to click on things I hold dear.

Sue me.  I love hot chicks.  And I also love video games.  It’s not like a gallery like this hasn’t been done before.  But can you honestly say you’re upset that I’m doing this?  Please forgive me.

And please enjoy this gallery of hot girls playing video games….

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

Hot Girls Playing Video Games

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  • Lagrange

    meh, cute, I guess. But some of them don’t count. That asian girl in white for example or the picture below it. The just sell the product, I mean that really too easy.
    And some of the pix remind me of that video from a couple of months ago, where some guy made a comic about him quitting WoW or something an he was rambling about how some exploit that “sexy geeky girl” image. So what is one supposed to think about pics here where exactly this kind of stuff is going on.

    I really liked the “Annoying Trends that Make Every Movie the Same” below. And it’ll confuse me when I read a review here, about a movie like… say “Salt” or something.

    “A Gallery of Hot Girls Playing Video Games” was probably covered by the HolyTacco links on the final countdown a couple of times.

    And now I start sounding bitchy, sorry that wasn’t the intention. I think I’d just rather read some out of nowhere rant about the never ending story ;)

  • sarah

    some of them arent playing, but who cares, theyre hot

  • Hyuri

    Except #2, 3, & 4. Most are ads….you can’t really count that.

    And Wii is a piss poor excuse for a “video game system”. Damn $200 paper weight on my entertainment center because gf wants the Wii Fit.

  • Steve

    I don’t usually vie for her, but isn’t there a pic of Megan Fox playing guitar hero?

  • illeaturfamily

    shit i thought this was a pretty damn good compilation. granted, there are a few iffy’s in there, but most of the girls are hot.

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  • Bravemouth

    Well, some are real cute but others were CLEARLY ads or fakery. But hey! Check out the feet on that girl at the top of the page!

  • hayley

    one day men will realise we dont always play in our panties and cami tops. I bet the moment u left the girl up top wanted to get under the covers and play, but oh theres no way the angle shes playing at is logical…it looks like a PR shot possibly to sell the telly, and the game. the wii girl also a promo otherwise shes gonna knock the console over and get sore legs verrrrrry soon.
    the girl licking the controller needs feeding real food. girls aloud were probably paid to hold the whole range of ds’s, and theres a couple more paid ones further down.
    Has anyone considered having a gaming even in the uk or the US to call gamer girls from afar.
    Or you could just get photos at eurogamer.


    Kindly send me some more pic. like these.

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  • Conor

    This is like the biggest nerd fantasy come true. Sweet

  • Magdalena

    Would you ever write an article named “Black people playing video games”?? This is pathetic.

    • Nattyb

      Congratulations on having the dumbest comment in the history of this site.

    • Madison

      Ooh, awesome idea for a post! I’m on it!

  • geektacular


    This picture is shopped, I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my life.

    Like 1 one those pics might not be posed.

  • conrick

    nice !

  • magdalena

    Why is it dumb? Because I think those girls are humans entertaing themselves and not objects to jerk off to 16-yearold lifeless idiots? So racism is stupid but sexism is ok?
    You have pretty girls who love videogames (no, not barbie and sims, but real videogames) everywhere. Its a common thing. Deal with it with equality. Or keep jerking off.

  • lol

    if you noticed the feet of the girl of the first picture… then i have some bad news for you

  • Velnias

    I guess I’m the only one to notice that pic 14 is Jessica Alba.

    Yes, some of the shots are PR/ads, and some are girls actually playing. Either way, it’s nice to see. :)

  • hi

    hook me up with one of the babes

  • http://unreality KEL

    #13 looks as though it might be Avery from this years ” Real World- Portland “. She was a Hooter’s girl, and was featured on their calendar.

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