Jul 12 2010


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I think it’s a fair statement to make that if none of us knew who Daniel Craig was, that this would be a massively creepy picture instead of being hilarious. Why the pedostache Craig? Is that really required to shoot Cowboys and Aliens?

Taylor Swift has nice hair. But that’s it.

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5 responses so far

  • LAO

    God Damn Cunting Duck Lips.

  • J5

    @ LAO

    I think she just wanted to accentuate her lip liner mustache.

  • Brendan

    When are the ladies of America going to learn that Duck Facing is NOT attractive. It’s horrible.

  • Matt Chi

    Good call on Daniel Craig. I could have sworn it was Viggo Mortensen at first.

  • http://www.monkeypro.net kasper

    i thought that was jeff foxworthy before i read it

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