Jun 18 2010

15 Awesome/Creepy Celebrity CG Characters

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Celebrity CG Characters

I’ve touched on the subject of CG many times on this site and it’s something I’m still very 50/50 on.   On the one hand I’m all for technology.  I think advances in computer graphics are great for creativity, enhancing imagery and allowing us to open new doors in film from a visual stand point.

On the other hand I have my Terminator and Matrix theories.  CG is just another part of the lessening need for human beings in this world.  I mean for all intents and purposes we might not need actors at all within 20 years.  There’s just something very freaky about that and I’m concerned.  While CG isn’t necessarily Artificial Intelligence it’s definitely part of the same spectrum of technology.

For now however, it’s interesting to see the artwork that CG can create.  And in the celebrity world, here are 15 pretty cool pieces of CG Celebrity art….

Thanks to Cretique for these photos

Click to enlarge the photos if you’d like

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

Celebrity CG Characters

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  • Dangerous Dave

    The Keith Richards one is sick. Easily my favorite.

  • illeaturfamily

    Morgan Freeman is my fave here.

    On a side note, it seems that even the most realistic CG interpretations of humans is still sort of “cartoony.” Like there’s still something about them that tells you they’re not real. People can map every single dimple and hair on a person’s face and shade it properly, but it will still have an un-human like element to it. My theory is that the technology has gotten so far and so detailed that some CG stuff (like these) looks too real. I dunno.

  • Kristoph


    Perhaps it’s the level of detail, when you see a photo of a celebrity you can’t really see the shine in their eye tear ducts etc.

    The eyes and teeth definitely give it away though, to really fool us they need to work on those :)

    Maybe have less perfect skin as well so they don’t look like packaged Barbies.

    Still awesome work though :)

  • Dave

    Some of those gave me a nasty case of Uncanny Valley. Particularly the Depp one.

    Also, just to nit pick, it’s ‘for all intents and purposes’. ‘For all intensive purposes’ isn’t really a thing.

  • J5

    This Keith Richards CG looks better than the real Keith, who’s starting to look like a 100 year old navajo woman.

  • NLB

    Wasn’t there a movie about this with Al Pacino as a Director who convinced the world a CG woman was a ‘real’ actress; making ‘interview’ videos and such to keep up the ruse etc? Can’t remember the name now but I remember the movie.

    The way I see it is even if they’re able to get this to where it’s believable enough or at least acceptable to the audience; they’ll do it and you won’t have traditional actors but you’ll still have the voice over actors; they’ll stand to move up the totem pole! lol

    And then the traditional actors can either play themselves CG’d to any age; or go back to the stage.

  • Mumu

    That film was called S1m0ne. It was sweet. Do you think movies would be cheaper if the characters were all CG? Personally I don’t like the idea of CG actors. I think the situation will just end up like Shreck or Toy Story or even video games where there are sequels ad infinitum, if the audience like the characters enough.

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  • Candee

    I agree, Nattyb. I’m all for advancing technology, but losing actors to that is incredible. In a bad way. Even if an actor is particularly good. Real life actors are the closest thing to real human emotion being interpreted to an audience. Having a robot do that would terrifyingly strange.

  • Madison

    I think a lot of you are getting a bit carried away with the whole “we need humans in movies” argument. Did you see Toy Story 3? Did you see Up? There’s more emotion and feeling in the first 10 minutes of Up than there is in almost any “human” movie I saw last year. So let’s not get carried away.

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