May 27 2010

Some Photo Highlights from Anime Central 2010

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Anime Central 2010

It was yet another weirdfest this month at Anime Central.   During the weekend of May 14-16 a bunch of crazy fans who like to dress up showed up to the beloved event.

Is it me or do guys like to dress up as females more now than ever?  What the hell is up with that?  Don’t worry though folks.  After you see these weird pictures I plan on doing a follow up called “The Lovely Ladies of Anime Central 2010.”   That’ll put my head back into a clear place.

But for now, here are a few freak show highlights from Anime Central 2010.

Thanks to Karaksindru for these

Look at that Sword!

Anime Central 2010

The Henchmen

Anime Central 2010

Mario’s Crew

Anime Central 2010

A Very Scary Sally

Anime Central 2010


Anime Central 2010

Sexy Riddler – Interesting

Anime Central 2010


Anime Central 2010

iPod Guy?

Anime Central 2010

Hey Dudes!

Anime Central 2010

More Unreal Posts

5 responses so far

  • sarah

    i pod guy looks like disco stu

  • Raab

    Good GOD girl number one SHEESH lol.

  • Dave

    Imagine my surprise when I showed up at the convention center to do a vehicle survey in another hall and saw this insanity. Strangely, I felt like the oddball.

  • J5

    Gir is the shit.

    That is all.

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