Apr 30 2010

The Morning Link: The Worst Comic Book Sidekicks Ever

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There’s an ongoing fan outcry to keep Robin out of any new Batman movies. Why? Because superhero sidekicks are LAME and everyone knows it. But there are many that are far worse than young Robin, so awful in fact, it’s almost painful to read an entire list full of them. But you should, because it’s hilarious.

Go here to see the worst sidekicks ever.

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  1. [...] didnt think I was going to make it   Fan Made Trailers Call of Duty: Black Ops (CoD7) Worst Comic Book Sidekicks Ever Chat Roulette Speed Painting What’s Boba Fett Up to These Days? Tornado Forms Right in [...]

  2. [...] If we ever had a sidekick s/he/ze would be the most pan-sexual, culturally unclassifiable, post-racial, post-human character you had ever scene. Our politically unassailable sidekick would have an awesome superhero name, like Doug, and would ride a wind-powered dune buggy. Doug would kick the asses of offensive characters like those on Cracked’s incredible listicle of the 5 Worst Comic Book Sidekicks Ever, the most reprehensible of whom has got to be Etta Candy, the absurdly ineffectual, overweight Texan sidekick to Wonder Woman, who was always chucking back obscene quantities of candy. Of course, in the context of the strip excerpted below, pretty much everything seems offensive. (via Unreality) [...]

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