Apr 22 2010

10 Examples of Bootlegged NES Games

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NES Bootlegs

I guess a person will always be loyal to the game system that have the fondest memories of.  And that usually has something to do with their youth. For me?  It’s clearly the Nintendo Entertainment System.  My all time best moments in gaming definitely came with this system and I could easily talk about it for hours.

What was also awesome was that feeling I got when I just received the game and looked at the box.  The cover said a lot and even that first intro moment when I turned the game on gave me a glimpse of what was going to happen:  a great time.

But what if those covers were more accurate?  What if they depicted what the images really looked like?  You’ll see what I mean with the following 10 examples of “bootlegged” NES games.

Thanks to the members at Something Awful for these

NES Bootlegs

I mean let’s face it, the guy does have horns coming out of his ears.

NES Bootlegs

Could this be any more fitting?  I love how this now looks like some kind of fighting game rather than basketball.

NES Bootlegs

I just like how it says “Nindo.”

NES Bootlegs

How scary were those green muscle dudes from Double Dragon?  And now plastered on the Hulkster’s face?  Yikes.

NES Bootlegs

Damned right they are.

NES Bootlegs

God it’s scary how fitting this is.

NES Bootlegs

Squeal like a pig kid.

NES Bootlegs

Seriously, I never knew and will never know how to play that game.  What a great call here.

NES Bootlegs

One of my favorite Nintendo games of all time.

NES Bootlegs

Sure why not.

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4 responses so far

  • J5

    “Miguel Earbiter’s Ass Beating Adventure?”

  • Rob

    That Duck Tales game rocked ass. BTW theres a rom out there you can download called Teenage Mutant Ninja Chipmunks where someone changed all the turtles aside from donatello into alvin and the chipmunks, and they’re on a mission to save Dave instead of April lol.

    And Korn Fu rocks too.

  • jaromir

    Actually I remember hearing that the original idea behind Freddy Cougar was that he was a pedophile. I dunno though I could be wrong.

  • lol


    Freddy Krueger is a pedo/killer in the films. The parents killed him by setting him on fire and now hes back to take his revenge into kids dreams.

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