Feb 17 2010

A Navi Protest Is One Way to Get a Message Across

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Navi Protesters

Look, I get it all.  I understand that Avatar is an influential film.  But please people.  Remember that it is a visually stunning film that had a mediocre story.  Hell, even people who loved the movie can admit this.  So forgive me if I found this news to be a bit strange.

The conflict in the Middle East took on an especially cinematic quality Friday, when activists representing a small Palestinian village dressed up like the oppressed aliens from the blockbuster movie “Avatar” before staging a demonstration in front of the Israeli West Bank barrier.

“When people around the world who have watched the film see our demonstration and the conditions that provoked it, they will realize that the situations are identical,” said Mohammed Khatib, one of the leading Palestinian organizers of the protest against the barrier.

Yeah? And? Couldn’t you just protest like “normal” people? Well, I suppose it’s definitely attention getting to dress up like a James Cameron figure running around and waving a flag. I get that. I don’t condone it. But I get it.

For more of the madness protest, you can check out pics after the jump

Navi Protesters

Navi Protesters

Navi Protesters

Navi Protesters

Navi Protesters

Navi Protesters

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8 responses so far

  • dan


  • Pepe Veraz

    @dan maybe they are, but they achieved what they wanted: spread their protest worldwide.

  • andrea

    Initially it seems silly, but it got them noticed and drew attention to their cause. I support silliness like that.

  • Xin

    I don’t know if I want to wear my shemagh anymore…

  • Xin

    I guess if you think about it, it makes sense that Palestinians are dressed as Na’vi considering the US back Israel.

  • ikke

    Dear Nattyb,
    These people in Bil’in have been continuing their peaceful protests for five years. People have been detained, beaten, organizers have been arrested in the middle of the night taken from their homes. Every week they are met with tear gas and rubber bullets. (People have been killed by the high velocity gas canisters thrown directly at them in similar protests in Ni’lin. American activist Tristan Anderson was left comatose.)
    You do not hear these a lot in the main-stream media. Even if you do, it is just another day over there, right?

    You see, because Palestinians are constantly de-humanised as blood thirsty, sub-humans; their suffering is either well deserved, or trivial at best. This time, they tried to get their message across using something that the Western world can relate to, because nobody cares about a dark skinned towel-head’s misery. This is actually sad, not ridiculous.

    I have read so many racist, hateful and disturbing things on the matter from both sides of the conflict but I have to say that your post has saddened me in a whole different level. The sheer ignorance and superficiality of it is just painful. It is the kind that does not anger one, but make him sorrowful. And I apologise if I sound like an ass, or offended you. I swear it was not my intention, but I needed to get it off my chest.

  • andrea

    That was extremely well-said, ikke. Kudos to you for explaining it a way that even the most ignorant people can wrap their minds around.

  • Bryan

    @ikke- I get your message. The US has horrible news channels/papers/stations. The nightly news will put up the newest celebrity scandal in front of a bus crash killing 20 American children, must less some other country/people’s problems.

    The other side is that people can only take so much misery before turning to a coping device. Humor is a preferred method as it lightens the spirit. If human sized Smurfs showed up on my lawn, I’d probably laugh, too.

    It’s not a perfect world. I would have to make a massive database to keep track of everyones’ personal interests or crusades for different things around the world. Yes, compared to the rest of the world I live a good life. I do/give what I can to help out. Unfortuneatly it’s not a whole lot. There was an epidsode of Sports Night where one of the characters was freaking out because he couldn’t figure out what to do with some extra money he had to help which cause/disease/country. Eventually someone told him it doesn’t matter, as long as you do -something- for someone.

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