Jan 26 2010

15 Classic Celebrity Photos of 2009

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Funny Celebrity Pictures

2009 was an interesting year for celebrities.   From Perez Hilton continuing to be the worst person in the entire world to the emergence of Jersey Shore, we’ve seen our fair share of interesting stories.  (P.S. that was the worst introduction of any article I’ve ever written in my entire life)

But what always draws our attention is when celebrities are caught in funny pictures.  Whether it’s a photobomb or just a plain funny moment there have been plenty of classic photos in 2009.

Here are 15 I deemed worthy of a post

 Katie Couric Gets Down

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Man do I hate Perez Hilton

Funny Celebrity Pictures

You go Barack

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Come on Megan!  Come on!

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Mini Me Photobomb

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Jesus Paris, how about some tact?

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Micholina Rourke

Funny Celebrity Pictures

People of Walmart Dot Com

Funny Celebrity Pictures

The Hoff!

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Look at the kid with the cut on his face

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Come on Mom

Funny Celebrity Pictures


Funny Celebrity Pictures

Why would anyone be scared of Kim?

Funny Celebrity Pictures

Steven Tyler or Old Woman?

Funny Celebrity Pictures

You have to add Jack Nicholson

Funny Celebrity Pictures

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8 responses so far

  • john v.

    Christ, I’ve never seen that pic of Steven Tyler. Add him to the list of aging male celebrities who look like old lesbians.

    And is that Kelly Clarkson or Ozzy?

  • Bert

    Ha – Jay-Z looks like a grown-up, depressed Urkel.

  • Madison

    I saw Rourke in person and the dude is terrifying. Would not want to be on his bad side.

  • Drester

    Jack Nicholson is just awesome.

    Paris and Britney… omg

  • Anonmous

    Ummmm… Did anyone else notice that the pic of Britney Spears is taken at Target and not at Wal-mart?

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  • Andrew C

    Jay-Z beat up that kid to get those seats.

    And that picture of Kelly Clarkson isn’t photoshopped? Damn, I almost feel bad for her; she really put on some pounds! :P

  • http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2010/01/26/funny-celebrity-photos-of-2009/ Obama

    Dang I Gotta Alot Of Ass In That Photo DiDN’T i?


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