Jan 08 2010

The Scariest Looking Abandoned Theaters

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Abandoned Theaters

I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for the movie A Clockwork Orange I wouldn’t give abandoned theaters a second thought.  But as it stands, the potential rape scene coupled with the acts of the old ultra violence coupled with the fact that the theater was about to collapse at any moment kind of left a scar on my brain.

So when I came across these crazy abandoned theater pictures it reminded me that at any given time there might be some kind of weird ass stuff going down in one of these places.  And that is not a fun feeling.

But since some of you like to be freaked out, here are 20 abandoned theaters that I doubt I’d enter

Thank you Julia at Abandoned Theater for these.

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

Abandoned Theaters

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  • James

    Seeing abandoned movie theaters always makes me sad. They used to be grand palaces of entertainment, now they just sit and rot. Boo.

  • Madison

    Funny you mention A Clockwork Orange; that was the first thing I thought of when seeing the main pic.

  • eric

    the first one on the list makes me think of the rape scene from the beginning of the movie.

  • CofB

    Well, there is wear an tear, yes, but scary? Not so much.

  • Android

    “Theaters” in the basement of your church don’t count.

  • jp

    any sources for these?

  • http://www.siteway.com/ Antony

    Beautiful photos. And while sad, they show clearly a vision of what one day could be, again.

    Any idea where these photos comes from?


  • http://dibbsolutions.com Medisoft

    They’d be scary at night if you were there alone and heard noises. Maybe some of them will be refurbished.

  • http://www.teepadgett.com Tee Padgett

    Such a waste :(

  • Darin

    I can has source?

  • TormenTor

    Thank you very much for not posting the locations of these theaters, as that would have added more meaning to this article. You’re an idiot.

  • Robert

    Those photos were taken from the website abandonedtheaters.com. I don’t see the photog credited though.

  • Lee B.

    Third on down on the list is the old Michigan Theater, once great now a parking garage.


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  • ThisChick

    the fifth from the bottom looks like something out of silent hill.

  • DrSketch

    No crediting of sources at all? Some photographers did a lot of work to get these photos, the least you could do is give them credit for taking them.

  • Darin

    If you would have done any amount of research (and I mean any) it would have taken you about 3 seconds to credit the author of these beautiful photographs.

    Her name is Julia Solis.


    You’re welcome!

  • Ford prefect

    Not even close, I spend good portions of my childhood in places far scarier than these places. A derelict old theater is a thing of beauty for those who are willing to squat and revive those things of old the rest of society has given up on.

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  • Bosnian

    I know one in North of Bosnia in a place called Pilica – Serbs killed 500 people in a local Culture Hall

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  • http://www.biancablair.ca Bianca Blair


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    i like the very first picture with graffiti in it has the black flag bars on the left side of the stage…exactly what i blast every time i take the top of a can

  • http://querythe.net/music/vzwpix.com/ vzwpix.com

    jeez…. if only those walls could talk……

  • ertyui

    Not scary.

  • http://www.urbanghostsmedia.com Tom

    Wow, these are absolutely fantastic pics! I literally just discovered your site via digg.com. I’ve always found old theatres to be fascinating. Noticed you’ve featured one of Detroit’s grand old theatres, now a parking lot, awesome!!

  • http://unrealitymag.com jong

    wow i cant wait 4 this to search paranomal

  • Frank

    Yikes. She’s not a very good photographer.

  • JayNiner

    Hey Silent Hill creators, found your next game/video locations!

  • http://batman-news.com Cummbottom

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