Dec 23 2009

Getting into Christmas Spirit With a Gallery of Awesome Nutcrackers

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Cool Nutcracker

It’s that time of the year folks.  Let’s get into Christmas spirit!  Let’s face it.  Most “spirit” comes from the anticipation of a slew of gifts.  But hey, whatever floats our boats right?  Christmas is a great time of year.  Everyone’s a bit more chipper and we all seem to treat one another a bit nicer.

As such we throw little parties and have mini festivals to celebrate this blessed holiday.   And what better a way to have these parties than to accessorize them with fun little trinkets.  Speaking of trinkets.  How about Nutcrackers?  Yay!

Here is a gallery of cool nutcrackers you can use this Christmas

Thanks to Oddee for the pictures

The Elvis Santa Hat Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Homer Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Yoda Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

Army Officer Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Hillary Nutcracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Hippy Nutcracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Scarecrow Nutcracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Pot of Gold Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Star Trek Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

The Chubby Carpenter Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

Witch Cracker

Cool Nutcracker

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  1. Madisonon 23 Dec 2009 at 12:13 pm

    There’s something about Hillary crushing a nut between her thighs that just makes me shudder.

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