Aug 14 2009

12 Hilarious Clips of Funny People Cast Members Doing Stand Up Comedy

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I happened to like Funny People a lot more than Paul did.  I liked that George Simmons was kind of a dick, and that his “life-changing epiphany” lasted for about a week.  It made his character more believable to me.  Anyway, a big part of what I liked about Funny People was the stand-up comedy.  Most of the bits were pretty good, and I especially liked the meta-bit with Randy.  Most of the cast (but not Jonah Hill) had stand-up experience before Funny People, so telling jokes on stage probably wasn’t too difficult for them.  After the the jump, take a look at some video clips of the cast members of Funny People doing stand-up comedy.

Adam Sandler




Seth Rogen


Eric Bana (not really funny, but kind of weid seeing him do stand up)


Aubrey Plaza

This impression is incredible:



Aziz Ansari




Andy Dick


Patton Oswalt


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2 Responses to “12 Hilarious Clips of Funny People Cast Members Doing Stand Up Comedy”

  1. Henrikon 16 Aug 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Patton Oswalt was not in Funny People… And Andy Dick is not hilarious at all. Even Eric Bana is funnier than that guy.

  2. Madisonon 17 Aug 2009 at 3:12 pm

    @ Henrik

    Re: Andy Dick – I must have confused the bit I saw of him on the behind-the-scenes special. His part must have been cut from the theatrical version.

    Disagree about Andy Dick.

    Thanks for reading.

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