Jul 24 2009

American Psycho: The Musical

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This is probably the greatest video I’ve seen in months, and I do not say that offhandedly. It’s Tom Cruise (and good lord, Christian Bale) impersonator extraordinaire Miles Fisher, doing a Talking Heads cover set to an American Psycho backdrop. The recreation of the movie is stunning, and I honestly cannot believe how much Fisher really looks like Patrick Bateman/Bale.

Click through the video to watch it in HD on YouTube, and then watch it ten more times like I know you will.

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  • http://www.gotjee.blogspot.com Gauthier

    Agreed with all of the above, and may I mention he has SOME balls to show himself almost completely naked in that 2-second b&w montage where he’s enjoying a threesome? And to add that that is completely to my pleasure because MY, he has quite a phenomenal body as well.. Yum!

  • SirEdward

    I’m a Talking Heads fan, and an American Psycho fan. I had my doubts about this video, I really did.

    Nope, that was pretty damned cool.

    And catchy.

  • SirEdward

    Also, a second thought: Normally I *hate* Vocoders. This guy actually pulls it off quite well. It’s there, it’s noticeable, but it works with his voice and the synth voice in the background.

  • Madison

    Wow. Way cooler than I expected.

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