Jul 01 2009

15 Pictures of Shrek that I just Kind of Enjoy Making Fun Of

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Funny Shrek

Nothing really to make fun of here.  Just a solid picture of Cameron Diaz.

I have the utmost respect for the whole Shrek franchise.  It’s a witty little thing they got going on there which has in turn made millions upon millions of dollars.

However, I’m not necessarily a big fan of all the merchandising.  I mean when you get down to it, Shrek is this giant green thing that in real life would scare the ever living crap out of me.

For kids it’s always different.  It’s like why they enjoy teletubbies.  God knows they frighten me to no end but kids just take to them.  In any event, these pictures will kind of explain it better.

Shrek in College?  

Funny Shrek

Shrek Maids – Not sure that would work

Funny Shrek

Shrek Babies – Yikes

Funny Shrek

Yikes again

Funny Shrek

Shrek Politics

Funny Shrek

Real life Shreks?  Ouch

Funny Shrek

Scary picture without Shrek.  With?  Horrifying

Funny Shrek

Shrek Pumpkins?  No candy for you

Funny Shrek


Funny Shrek

Shrek Weddings Huh?  You’re fired

Funny Shrek

Shrek in “regular” movies. 

Funny Shrek

Best Shrek picture of all time

Funny Shrek

Actually if this were considered attractive it would be a better world

Funny Shrek

Yoda Shrek

Funny Shrek

 I’m going to vomit

Funny Shrek

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  • http://heylady-blog.blogspot.com/ Hey Lady!

    Oh that’s just gross. I never understood the appeal of Shrek. Shrek himself scares adults, but not kids, but the jokes go right over kids heads? I don’t know… It’s one of life’s great mysteries, like how Paula Abdul continues to be employed, or any of those kids from “the Hills” (why are these people famous?)…

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  • http://www.inventionidea.org Bodie

    great work, really enjoyed some of the stuff on this blog

  • evilmidget

    lol good call with the “real life” Shrek (the black and white photo) seeing as how that man’s head (“The French Angel” Maurice Tillet) was used as an eventual model for Shrek’s head. Kinda makes you wonder if the wrestling scene in the first Shrek was a tribute to the late Maurice, or if they were doing a pop culture reference for pop culture’s sake (considering its Dreamworks, it wouldn’t surprise me if its the latter).


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