Jun 03 2009

Behold, the Earliest Teaser Poster Ever

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Alright, maybe not EVER, but the movie is quite literally one year and eleven months away at this point, and the poster reflects that as it doesn’t have a plot or even most of a cast assembled yet.

Oh, in case you’re an idiot, we’re talking about Spiderman 4 here, but idiots don’t read this site so it’s OK. Unless this thing hits the front page of Digg…

But seriously, is Spiderman 4 even a good idea? Initial thoughts are “no” because when you try to turn a trilogy into a quadrilogy you get disasterous results (Alien, Indiana Jones), though sometimes you don’t (Rocky). Because Spiderman 3 was so bad, and Sam Raimi KNOWS Spiderman 3 was so bad, I think he geniunely wants to redeem  himself with another movie. Now whether he can or not is another story, but lord knows this thing will pull in a $100M+ opening weekend either way.

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  • Brandon

    Spider-Man 3 should have never been made. But at least it wasn’t that abomination called “X-Men Origins: Wolverine Relies Too Much on C-Grade CGI”… something tells me that Spider-Man 4 will still make over $100 Million. And I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here, but Dance Flick was better than Wolverine… why? Because you went in knowing it would be what you expect from a Wayans’ film… vulgar jokes with slapstick. Wolverine was just a turd.

  • Pyro

    I used to work in the movie industry and heard a rumor that in total there were going to be 8 Spider man movies…and btw 10 Saw movies.

  • Brandon

    8 Spidey Movies? I hope not. I’m a fan of Spidey, but I never thought that the movies did him 100% justice. The first was good, the second was much better, but overall, the series is a bit too hokey.

    And don’t even get me started with Saw. I love horror movies, but I put that movie in the same league as The Hills Have Eyes. Pointless movies that just irk me because people are making money off of crap like that.

  • Dude

    Its gonna be a prequel.

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