May 04 2009

If Christians Made Video Games That Parodied Existing Ones

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Those of you that are extreme Christian fundamentalists, well then God help you.  Those of you who are unaware need to know about this subculture of folks who have decided to rework the T-Shirt industry.  Their signature line is “Change your shirt and change the world!”  Oh so replacing Obama’s face with Jesus is going to save us?

In any event this same group is trying their hand at video games.  Only they fail to realize that actual Christian video games truly suck and don’t exactly penetrate the public’s interest.

However, what if they took the same approach as the T-Shirts?   What if they reworked existing awesome games to spin them into something Christian?

Here are 7 Great Examples

Credit to Stephen Granade for these pics

Risn 2 Life

Christian Games

Deus Ex With Healing

Christian Games

Super Savior Mario

Christian Games

God of Love

Christian Games

THE Final Fantasy

Christian Games

Metlord Prime

Christian Games

Tomb Raider Magdalene

Christian Games

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