Apr 21 2009

A Collection of 10 300 Trailer Mashups

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So does that make this 3000 trailer mashups?  Er, not quite.  Zack Snyder’s 300 was a huge hit commercially and although many critics were split on the film’s merits, most could agree that it was a visual treat.  To me, 300 was an empty, superficial movie that lacked any real depth, substance, or genuine emotion, and all the slow motion and CGI-ed abs in the world couldn’t make up for this.  It’s pretty ripe for parody and, even as a recent film, it’s been spoofed quite a bit.  Naturally, mashups that employed the 300 trailer starting popping up all over the interwebs, some of which were pretty impressive.  I’ve collected 10 of what I thought were the best 300 trailer mashups and posted them after the jump.

Negima Mashup


The sound is synced really well on this mashup.  If I knew anything at all about Negima, I’d probably be really pumped up.

Call of Duty Mashup


This one is pretty cool, if only because of the themes of war found in both the movie and the video game.

Mean Girls Mashup


Rachel McAdams is quite attractive, but very few girls can top an in-her-prime Lindsay Lohan.  She’s got to be an absolute panther in the sack.

D2 – The Mighty Ducks Mashup


Wow.  This one is surprisingly well done.  Emilio Estevez as King Leonidas?  Sure, why not?

Sandlot Mashup


I would have never thought to have mashed up these two movies, but it actually works really well.  Especially the inclusion of the dog and the fitting slow motion scenes.  Snyder would get a semi from this; of this I am convinced.

The Lion King Mashup


Awesome.  The Lion King is classic.  One of the best animated films ever.

Dawn of the Dead Mashup


A cool mashup of a good Snyder movie with a bad Snyder movie.  I’ll let you decide which one is which.  If you read the site, it should be pretty clear where I stand.

A Bug’s Life


I have to admit, something about the scale of this mashup seems rather epic.  Did I just use the term “epic?”  Ugh.  That’s almost as bad as “fail.”

Mulan Mashup


I’ve always thought that Mulan was pretty underrated.  Nice to see it hasn’t been ignored, at least with regards to mashups.

Hook Mashup


Robin Williams is about as imposing as a jacked Gerard Butler, right?  Oh, that reminds me: this past weekend, a girl I know told me I look like Gerard Butler.  That’s just crazy talk.  I need to stop hanging around meth addicts.

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