Apr 20 2009

Want to Own a Piece of Movie History? Slumdog Millionaire Kid for Sale

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Yes, this is actually happening. Rubina Ali (the littlest girl from Slumdog Millionaire) is being put up for adoption by her evil overlord father, Rafiq Qureshi, for $300,000. His rationale?

“I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future… We’ve got nothing out of this film.”

You know, I have to say, if your father is trying to sell you for cash, you probably should be placed in some better living conditions with a family who can afford to pay $300,000 for a kid. But secondly, if this guy’s saying he has “nothing,” don’t you think he’s being a bit greedy? I mean, I’m not incredibly well versed in Indian economics but I’m guessing $300K there would probably make you ruler of your province or something.

So yeah, this is super ****ed up, and hopefully Danny Boyle will let this kid come live at one of his six mansions or something.

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