Mar 07 2009

Fourth Star Trek Trailer the Final Frontier of Star Trek Trailers

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Something bother’s me about Chris Pine, but I’m not really sure what. I think it’s that he sounds exactly like Kirk should, but he’s in the body of that toolbox from SAE I knew in college. But I suppose I’ll get over that for the sake of trying to enjoy this movie. I wonder how all these actors felt going from Heroes, Shaun of the Dead and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle to J.J. Abram’s Star Trek. Now that’s a quantum leap if I’ve ever seen one.

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  1. DaftFoxon 10 Mar 2009 at 5:23 am

    Looking good, no doubt – but why use the Batman Begins/Dark Knight score? I think Chris Nolan has already patented that TA-TAAA sound – I’m talking about 0:30 into the movie, right after the dude says “enlist to star fleet”.

    Check this out – 2:05 in this movie – same sound:

    Hell, even in the opening scene of Memento (another Nolan masterpiece), there’s the same melancholic, yet dramatic and foreboding sound:


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