Feb 11 2009

10 Pretty Cool Fanmade Movie Posters

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Fanmade Posters

Just the other week I shared an article on Photoshopped movie posters.  It’s always interesting to see how the public reacts to a movie poster and adjusts it on their own.  Though perhaps not as important as the trailer, a movie poster should symbolize (all in one picture) what the movie studios hope the audience can gain from the movie.

It should, in just a moment, represent what the entire movie is about.  It’s not an easy concept to grasp and that’s why there have been so many crappy posters out there recently.  But whether it’s a real movie or something we hope to be a real movie, there are fans out there who are pretty darned good at figuring out how these movies can be represented.

Here are 10 pretty cool fanmade movie posters

Star Trek

Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters

Friday the 13th Part a Million

Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters


Fanmade Posters

More Unreal Posts

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  • Commander Tim

    The ATHF:MFFT poster isn’t fan made. It is in fact illustrated by Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo, and was commissioned by the films producers. Other than that, good list.

  • Xin

    I remember one of my friends found an “Evangelion trailer” and was super excited. I watched it and found myself saying, “Hm… these scenes look familiar…”

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