Dec 17 2008

People With Way too Much Time on Their Hands: 8 Bit Video Game Fused Bead Art

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Bead Art

Ever see those weird pictures of scenes reenacted with legos and stuff like that?  Or Album covers recreated with weird ropes and wires or whatever the hell they use?  I guess that some people seem to have way too much time on their hands.  Nevertheless it’s kind of a hoot to see this stuff.

Well here I’ve found some strange coalition of beings who like to recreate 8-Bit characters using beads.  I found it to be amusing because some of your more memorable characters were featured.

Here are 15 pictures of video game characters using bead art.

Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros

Bead Art

Secret of Mana Rabite

Bead Art

Gorilla From Little Nemo: Dream Master

Bead Art

Megaman Extra Life Icon

Bead Art


Bead Art


Bead Art

Chocobo from Final Fantasy VI

Bead Art

Donkey Kong

Bead Art

Mario and Yoshi

Bead Art


Bead Art

Samus Aran from Metroid

Bead Art


Bead Art

White Mage from Final Fantasy

Bead Art

Mega Man

Bead Art

Master Chief from Halo Series

Bead Art

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8 responses so far

  • Hass

    Oh look! Someone did something creative! Let’s ridicule them, quickly! They must not have a life! They have too much time on their hands! They’re f*cking losers!! Kill yourself, asswipe.

  • LOVE

    Lovely job, people! don’t listen to hass. it just have no love…
    As ist says since the 1970s: ‘Love All – Serve All’ – Hard Rock Cafe

  • Count Judas

    Holy shit, the person that does this is my ex-roommates girlfriend. Her work is amazing and she makes a decent amount of cash doing this. All of the sprites are actually magnets, so there is use to them. I think the shit is cool as hell.

  • WayAwesome

    Are you kidding me? These are awesome! I would so buy that Master Chief and wear it on me at ALL TIMES.

  • Moobu

    Psh, the Master Chief one almost ruined the article. I was enjoying all the classics then his gay ass shows up? lame…

  • ajerk93

    i do these things, they take 15-30 minutes to do, not your life.

  • Mike

    hey u should make an elite that has a plasma rifle

  • 8bitliving

    The Sonic one turned out great. I may steal that for my project (

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