Dec 05 2008

Jon Hamm Cast as Tina Fey’s 30 Rock Love Interest, Wait, Really?

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 It’s like one of those ads. She married him?

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is officially coming to 30 Rock for a guest stint as Liz Lemon’s love interest. Hmm. So how do I say this without sounding incredibly gay? Let’s try it: Jon Hamm is way, way hotter than Tina Fey. Nope, super gay. Whatever, I’m an objective assessor of beauty.

Anyways, this casting decision is a bit suspect, because I think that since Fey is a writer, she really, really just wants to pen herself a makeout scene with Hamm. Oh wait she’s married, not allowed to say that. But yeah, I’m sure his impossible good looks with be a main focus of the show, with Liz running around pulling her hair out saying things like “He can’t like me! He’s too gorgeous! AUGH!” Alright, alright, I do expect 30 Rock to be better written than Cathy, but we’ll see.

Hamm is going to be a doctor that lives in Lemon’s apartment building. He’s already filmed a few episodes this year, and is coming back in January for some more. Sounds like a bit of a long term guest star, which is fine by me. Because he’s a good actor. Yep.


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