Oct 28 2008

The Seven Sickest Ways to Die in “Dead Space”

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Dead Space is about one thing: death. And while that may not be much of a surprise for most horror fans, there has never been a game that showcases the failure to live quite like this.

Not content with most games’ standard “fall-down-and-fade-to-black” demise, Dead Space aims to show a variety of ways your body might react when assaulted by electricity, fire, meteorites, angry aliens and heavy machinery.

All in all there are probably around two dozen different ways to die in the game, but I’ve showcase the 6 most memorable after the jump:

7) The Zombie Chowdown – As it turns out, alien zombies act just like regular zombies, going straight for the jugular. Is the head plopping off at the end a bit excessive? Please, just wait until you see the other videos in this list.

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