You Know, I Kind of Like the New Justice League Look

So DC is currently in the process of rebooting their entire universe, and with that comes a lot of changes, including costume alterations. I lamented last week about Superman now wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but it appears that was just his “casual Friday” outfit, and he still has an actual suit.

Above is a picture of the “new JLA”  which contains relatively few makeovers for characters, but good ones. I’ve always maintained that Superman’s underwear-on-the-outside look has GOT to go, and I think they’ve done a good job of changing his look here with the red belt and solid blue one-piece. I even don’t mind Wonder Woman’s new toned-down look, complete with pants. Flash, Batman and Green Lantern look the same, while Aquaman? That guy will never, ever look cool.

  • Jim Jahey

    I agree that the Aquaman look sucks, but how can you say he was never cool? Don’t you remember Superman: The Animated Series? That bearded one-handed Aquaman from the 90’s was pretty F-ing sweet with his harpoon hand and overall craziness.

  • Arafax

    Batman looks less…bulky.

    And yes, the changes of Supermans Outfit are really good. Damn it all, if this goes on I’m going to read DC-Comics (I’m more the Marvel-Reader).

  • Bad Acid

    I was thinking of getting back into comics (since I quit WoW a few months ago), so I’m kinda edging on starting up whatever batman comics got reset. Damn DC’s timing was good!

  • NY not NYC

    Why always is it that I notice these things? What the crap is up with Batman’s package? The thing creates a shadow on half his leg.

    Female body shape is always a hot topic; but I have some serious penile doubts now.

  • Yeahhh I noticed that too…..

  • Sylkmatic

    O man they got rid of the yellow belt…sad. But yea dont forget about that version of aquaman especially since he got rid of that crappy orange shirt…i mean I least hes not as bad as Namor.

  • Javier

    all looks good and nice….buut, why is cyborg there? he’s a Teen Titan not a Justice Leaguer…Martian Manhunter or Hawkman should’ve been there

    and yeah, I know their faces are on the sides, but they’re core members, they should get the full body presentation

  • Arafax

    Does anyone of you guys know where I can find a bigger version of the Picture?

  • will

    aquaman.. or as i like to call him.. seaman

  • Marc

    Oh man…

    They’re gonna make Cyborg the token black guy AND the token robot…

  • josh

    i miss the original black green lantern 🙁

  • Marvel fans should be pleased; they look like Marvel characters. Since DiDio took over DC they’ve been moving that way anyway. I like the fact DC was a bit old-fashioned and iconic. I don’t need gritty realism in the comic book about the invulnerable flying alien with laser vision….

  • Marc

    Honestly they could be wearing potato sacks and Jim Lee would make it the coolest sack ever worn.