20 Yodas Like You’ve Never Seen him Before

By far one of the best characters in any sci-fi movie ever has to be Yoda.   I mean any time you have a little green “monster” that can severely kick some ass not to mention move things with his mind and fight for “good” you’ve got a great character on your hands.

Ah yes, and let’s not forget his quirky way of talking and wise ways.   It’s no wonder that to this day people follow the character religiously and continue to find interesting ways to portray him.    And you’d be surprised at some of the depictions we’ve come across.

I’ve decided to siphon out 20 of them that I thought you’d all enjoy…..

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  • Hi I am Curi222 thanks for posting my work Baby Yoda on your website is an honor

  • Korky

    Hi, I’m George Lucas. Thanks for posting pictures of my character on your site. As a reward I will use your dead body in my movies at a future date.