The GIF of the Week: Talk About Made for TV


I think all of us know that wrestling is fake.  Don’t get me wrong.  Wrestling is extremely dangerous regardless of whether or not it’s fake.  The athleticism these guys have is that of most professional athletes.  So technically I’m one of those people that actually believes a lot of this stuff is real.

Is a guy REALLY getting hit in the face?  No.  Certainly not.  But a guy is definitely lifting another guy up and slamming him down.  A guy is definitely jumping off that top rope.  The stuff pro wrestlers do is very very hard.  However, it’s moments like these that kind of make you laugh at the whole narrative.

Still though.  I miss the days of Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik.

  • nico

    I just image the guy on the left saying ” You’re tearing me apart Lisa !!!”

  • Theres a video you should check out sometime, if you havent seen it, where Shawn Michaels and Hogan are fighting at summerslam. Apparently Hogan was going to win the first one, and HBK was to win the second one, but Hogan backed out of the second fight. So HBK did everything possible to make hogan look like garbage during the match.

    It was insanely epic and it had me rolling.

  • Bert

    Based on Steiner’s reputation for being a stiff worker, I’m not surprised DDP (I think that’s DDP) wanted to control things himself.

  • LawlessVictory

    “Hey, don’t worry, Scott, I’ll take care of this one!”

    Ha, but seriously, I believe that’s Christian slamming himself into the ring apron. Usually one of the more coordinated and well-timed wrestlers around, but hey, I guess everybody has an off day.

  • Pawlit

    I didn’t know what Raab was talking about so I decided to find it:

    It truly is epic and very creative on HBK’s part. I applaud him =]

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