World Cup Teams Get Comic Book-ified

31 - United States of America



Calm down, it’s okay. Yes, I’m allergic to professional sports as my time is too consumed by movies, TV and video games to devote any time to following any of the scenes, but I do have a weak spot every four years for the World Cup, and I’ll be damned if I was going to let all this awesome art slip by because it wasn’t directly pop culture-related.

I’m not quite sure where these came from, if they’re ESPN promotional materials or just a fan’s creations, but they’re amazing. They show each of the 32 qualifying teams of the World Cup, usually highlight one to three of their best players, along with a phrase that represents them. Do you guys in the rest of the world really still call us Yanks? That’s kind of hilarious. Check out the entire series below.
32 - Uruguay

30 - Switzerland

29 - Korea

28 - Spain

27 - Russia

26 - Portugal

25 - Netherlands

24 - Nigeria

23 - Mexico

22 - Ivory Coast

21 - Japan

20 - Italy

19 - Iran

18 - Honduras

17 - Ghana

16 - Greece

15 - France

14 - Germany

13 - England

12 - Ecuador

11 - Costa Rica

10 - Croatia

09 - Colombia

08 - Chile

07 - Brazil

06 - Cameroon

05 - Bosnia amp Herzegovina

04 - Belgium

03 - Algeria

02 - Australia

01 - Argentina

  • Pedro

    Nice to see some World Cup stuff here. I can’t f-ing wait for the tournament.

  • HallamQ

    The World Cup is pretty cool, even if you don’t like soccer. I was 15 when I first moved to Mexico and didn’t like soccer at all. It was actually through the FIFA games (pretty much mandatory in Mexico) that I started “getting” it. Soon I could recognize some dudes from the game when I watched soccer highlights on TV, but it took a couple of years before I could stand a full match. Then the World Cup happened. Madness, I’m telling you. The whole country went bananas and whenever Mexico played it was a country-wide party.

    There’s nothing quite like it, for any other sport. The Olympics are bigger and come close in terms of excitement, but only a few olympic sports actually catch your eye, and it’s usually just a couple of rounds, then it’s over. The World Cup goes on for a month, and you have, like, the Swedish playing the Nigerians, and their styles are so different yet somehow on the same level, but then each team hast their “super-player” that breaks the mold and you wonder who’s gonna win. It’s very interesting to watch, because for the most part its’ actually a contest and several teams stand a chance, unlike, say, in olympic basketball. And like baseball, basketball or football, soccer is an acquired taste, but in America it doesn’t feel that way, because you “learn” those other sports as a kid, so it feels like a chore to “learn” soccer as an adult, and Americans just won’t have it. But it definitely pays off to be on the side joining the gigantic party, instead of the side that stands in the corner shrugging.

  • Mark Serio


  • Ítalo Alves

    Here in Brazil, we don’t call north-american as “Yanks” or something similar. I’m pretty sure about that… And I don’t like soccer (or football in any other place of planet), but its a big party, as HallamQ says.

  • Diana Carolin

    I love this!!! I’m not a football (soccer) fan but I have to admit that the world cup is pretty exciting even more when your team is playing.

    By the way, I’m from Colombia and we call you ‘gringos’, never gets old