Win Your Halloween Costume for This Year with Unreality

Today we’re proud to bring you another Unreality contest, this time once again with our good friends from They’ve generously agreed to give one lucky winner from our site $100 in free gear at their sites. As you might guess by their coveted URL, they’re one of the premiere Halloween costumes stores on the internet, and have a whole host of geeky cool costumes for you to pick from for the holiday this year. They even have an entire side site dedicated solely to Star Wars costumes which you can pick from as well.

So, how do you win? Why is there a picture of an AK-47 up above there? The two questions are one and the same. I’m going to say the TENTH person to email me ( with a correct guess of who I’m being for Halloween wins the $100. The gun is one of my props, and if that’s not a big enough clue, just keep in mind stuff I may have written about recently. I bet you’ll guess it pretty quickly if you think about it (and know vaguely what I look like), and that’s why the tenth person to email me wins. I feel like a radio station!

Send your guesses on over, and no, commenting on this post doesn’t count. Stay tuned and I’ll post the winner once we have one.

Update: We have a winner, congrats Travis Olding! Yes, I’m going as Nathan Drake.  In addition to the AK, I’ve got a pistol, ring necklace, leather cuff, shoulder holster, ceremonial knife, boots, jeans, shirt, annnnd no one is still going to recognize me on the street. Oh well, hah.


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  2. Gabriel Ramos October 12, 2011

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