I Assume This Is William Shatner?


What the hell is this?  Some weird movie he was in where he’s on a plane?   Is this from Star Trek?  I know one of you will have the answer and I’m sure whatever it is will be kind of obvious but still, it’s a weird one nonetheless, no?

  • Alan Braun

    It’s from an episode of the TV show “The Twilight Zone,” hosted by the late, great Rod Serling.

  • James

    It’s from the Twilight Zone. ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’
    Dam good episode. It was done in the Twilight Zone movie with Jon Lithgow

  • Stink

    You have got t be kidding me!!

  • Stink

    Im 35 and feel really old!!

  • Drew Dickinson

    jesus, between you not knowing what this is from, and the doucher who couldnt tell TDK pic was a photoshop off a screengrab, im losing faith in this site

  • Lagrange
  • Madison

    I just watched parts of the Twilight Zone marathon on New Year’s Eve…some classic, classic episodes, and lots of great actors, too. I watched one with a scarily young Robert Redford.

  • Bill

    Wow– yeah, I didnt think I would see a generation gap so wide that this pic would not be instantly recognizable. Its a sad sad day in science fiction… through no fault of your own, its just that us middle aged guys always assumed that time would stop at or around the eras that mean something to us.

  • I’m not even old enough to have seen it on Tv, but I still recognize one of the most famous twilight zone episodes ever.

  • Jake

    If nothing else you should know it from the classic Halloween Simpsons episode that parodies it. For shame.

  • Frothy

    I’m going along with the consensus…..I’m in my mid 20’s and I knew what this was right away. How do you run an entertainment site, that caters to “geek” culture and not know this?

    Sorry dude, but that’s just weak

  • mcnugget

    i’m only 23 and knew what this was…

  • Kyle Amato

    I’m 17 and even I know this episode!
    At first I thought he was being ironic, but I guess not.

  • MacGyver1138

    I’m certainly not old enough to have seen the airing, but that’s an iconic episode.

    “My..God…there’s…..something on the wing!”

  • Doc Brimley

    Please tell me Nattyb is pulling a joke on us.

  • Overminty

    Ooh, ooh… I can beat the age game! I’m 21 and knew where this was from. Do I win something?

  • Mike Wytrykus

    Yeah, I think you just lost a bit of geek-cred with this post. This is like Shatner’s second most famous role. Third at the very least.

  • Nabs

    Wow, Natty, really?

  • Mikes

    You should at least know it from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls-

    “There’s something on the wing. Some…thing….on the wing”

  • chelsea

    you are really showing your ignorance with common knowledge with your blogs lately… it’s getting really annoying.

  • Martin

    I hope all those comments are jokes, not everyone can know everything. You people are a bunch of douchebags.

  • Marty, sometimes i do feel like a douchebag.

  • Xin


    *And because it’s the internet, I feel that I have to make it know that I know the previous quote is, in fact, not from the episode of discussion, but I had nothing to add.

  • wolfman

    you must be joking

  • charles

    so he didn’t know what it was from, shut the fuck up about it.

  • Caleigh

    I’m 15 years old and first saw this episode when I was 9. It scared me so bad.

  • I’m surprised too, but I don’t think it’s a big deal, in fact I think we should recommend some good episodes for the host to checkout.

    Episodes such as “The Shelter”, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”, “The Masks” or “The Howling Man,

  • Lauren

    Lost a lot of your pop culture geek cred with this one. A lot of it.

  • Joel

    I just saw some clip where a guy keeps saying “Rosebud.” What the hell is THAT from??!

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  • Xin

    “Rosebud” would happen to be from Citizen Kane, or at least a reference to it.

  • Isn’t this from the twilight zone series?

  • Sean

    No that’s not Shatner that’s actually a young Sean Connery in his famous movie “Goblins on a Plane” (SARCASM)

  • Lance

    @Nattyb: Fail

  • Bert

    Oh no! He’s lost some pop culture geek cred! Let’s make fun of him for not having intimate knowledge of William Shatner’s entire history of acting roles!

  • moe

    I have to admit that I did think you were joking when you posted this, but it’s understandable that you might not know.

  • jthomas666

    Dude, I was conceived ten minutes ago and _I_ recognized the pic.

  • Kraeg

    Great tv moment:

    Shatner, portraying the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock from the sun, shows up at the Airport. John Lithgow picks him up and asks how his flight was. Shatner says it was fine, but there was something on the wing, where Lithgow instantly proclaims “the same thing happened to me!”.

    As they both played the same role, decades apart, for the twilight zone story, I have to take my hat off to the 3rd rock writers for recognizing that and using it in the episode.

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  • seeinidawg

    I laughed for several minutes on that episode of 3rd Rock. Oh it was hilarious, and it felt like an inside joke, which made it better.
    And of course we all know it is an inside joke because of people like nattyb, who continuously lets me down. You would think he would do even the smallest bit of research before posting what he did. And to all of you defending him, shut up. Nattyb is definately the thorn in this website’s side. He doesn’t know his facts. He ruins potentially good concepts with his childishly amateur writing style. The only thing he does well is his headlines, because for some reason I click on his posts hoping they will different from the ones that I’ve looked at before. I mean, yeah, I enjoy some of the pictures he finds, but then he ruins them with his captions and comments. I’ll step down from this soap box for now, but I know that I am going to be forced into stepping back onto it later.