Why Olivia Munn is an Evil Genius


Olivia Munn and I have sort of a love/hate relationship. On one hand, I feel like she’s a complete attention slut (that’s one step beyond whore), and will do anything to further her public profile. This was best demonstrated by an episode of Attack of the Show where she literally jumped into a giant pie wearing a maid outfit because she lost a bet or it was the Fourth of July or some other inane reason to combine maids with pies.

On the other hand, I have to respect her, as I think she’s an absolute genius.  I can’t believe that she’s one of only a handful of hot women in the world who have figured out the beautiful simplicity of combining a “hot woman” and a “nerd,” and no one has done it better than Olivia. Her propensity to play dress up in sci-fi/video game costumes has landed her smack in the fantasies of millions of male geeks across the world, and when she spouts apparent wisdom about the video game industry, it turns the dial up to eleven.

By no means do I think she’s a legitimate example of a “hot nerd” (for that, see Kristen Bell or Felicia Day), and I think she’s horrendously exploitative, but she’s smart about it. She’s gone a step beyond the booth babe, whose only job is to stand around looking pretty in aforementioned costumes, as she’s done her research thoroughly. She’s read blogs, she’s played Halo, and now she’s the country’s resident girl gamer, and even though it should be pretty obvious it’s all a facade, we’ve all bought it hook, line and sinker, and Munn has become an icon to the nerd masses, just by figuring it all out first.

I expect this trend to continue, as more and more pretty ladies with a half a brain start to figure out the benefits of mass nerd appeal. G4 and SpikeTV have a stable of girls ready to be the next Munn, but no one has gone to the same extent as her, total devotion to the craft.

So Olivia, even though I think you’re a fraud, and give real girl nerds everywhere a shit time by convincing males that women like you actually exist, I think you’re one of the smartest women on TV today. Keep doing what you’re doing for as long as it works.

Now because I lost a bet or it’s the Fourth of July or something, here’s a gallery of every picture I could ever find of Olivia Munn dressing up in costume.

On Attack of the Show






At this year’s Comic Con




At last year’s Comic Con (I think)




In a photoshoot for Complex






The infamous pie-jumping-in-a-maid-outfit-because-she-lost-some-sort-of-bet-or-something-like-that skit that made me love and loathe her at the same time.




And one more for you


Now leave with that image and forget the rest.

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  • Madison

    She’s a hustler and should be commended for it, I say. Also, I had never seen the pic of her dressed as Palin. Wow.

  • IcemanD

    Hmm, I’ve never even heard of this chick. I don’t get G4 on basic cable up here and watching SpikeTV makes my brain bleed (other than World Wildest Police Chases, cause I can watch that shit all day).

  • kang

    She’s smart, funny, and hot, but her Emma Frost costume was the worst one there. It just covered up way too much. Emma Frost doesn’t wear white biker shorts and lace. She wears a bikini bottom.

  • Z1

    Really? I just find her an annoying attention whore*period*

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  • @kang:

    Huh, I wondered what the hell that costume was supposed to be. She clearly has no problem dressing up in slutty outfits, so I wonder why she failed on this one.

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  • anonymous

    She’s OK I guess, but I still much prefer Jessica Chobot from IGN.

  • Renee_RR

    I agree with this 100%! If you have ever seen her hold a game controller, its a give a away. I dont think she likes video games nor ever played them. I love aots and watch it every day(I miss sarah lane) but when ever they play games (ie joes vs G.I. joes style) take notice how she plays. Notice she doesnt hold the controller right or she claims “im dead already” and you NEVER see her play.

    Yes, shes an evil genius and kudos to her for that! Brilliant

  • Dan Pettit


    I think you are attention whore for writing this piece without finding out why she dressed the way she did in those photos and not find out more about her.

    First, she jumped into a pool of pudding because she had been wanting Congress to create National Pie Week. You’d learn that from either watching the show, going to G4TV.com, and/or just going to her web site, oliviamunn.com

    Second, I’d love for you to actually interview her and find that she’s not a fraud. She has a fan base through her web site and at Comic-Con, she took the time to meet with each and every member that could make it, take a picture with each person, and sign something for them. Name some frauds for me that would do that for their fans?

  • Robert

    Almost everyone at G4 comes off as a poser, Munn is no exception, she just looks better than most of the rest.

  • FuRyUs

    Mr Paul Tassi,
    You’ve got me so riled up with your naughty talk, I want to fuck you.
    I want to fuck every hole in your body. When I am done, I shall make new holes and fuck them. You dirty bitch.

  • VoltronShakespeare

    This article just shows me that she’s hot. Have you even watched the show? It’s astounding she’s been hosting for years and STILL can’t make it through a taping without struggling to read her cue cards or abandoning her lines completely in favor of uncomfortable silence, which I guess she thinks is cute. She’s incredibly unprofessional and a pretty phony nerd. The only reason she has fans is because she’s drop dead fucking beautiful. Not because she’s a genius. Or even remotely talented, for that matter.

  • Madison

    People apparently like watching her, which is really all that matters. Who cares if she struggles with a cue card? It’s G4, not CNN.

    Anyway, I’m asking because I really don’t know: what’s the difference between her and Morgan Webb?

  • They totally exploit every opportunity to get her to wear something revealing or mix it in with something random whenever they can. G4 is less about tech and a bit more about just getting ratings any way they can.

  • Farley Creampants

    By attention whore, you mean like somebody who writes a blog n stuff?

  • Hans Wurst

    >Olivia Munn and I have sort of a love/hate relationship

    You wish!

  • Jackseppelin

    Who says she’s a girl gamer? The reason we love her is that she is clever and gracious and sexy as all hell with a tutu on. She is the male fantasy of what we wish girls would act like at least in theory. In truth, girls like this are rare, and that’s why it’ll be hard for anyone to “copy this trend.” Most other girls on G4 are annoying as shit, as are most of the Internet show geeks. Other than Karina Stenquist formerly of MoBuzzTV, I can’t think of any other show with as delightful a host. AOTS isn’t exaclty watchable all the time, but you’re also forgetting the awesome element Kevin Perriera brings. The show doesn’t work as well with the blonde kids, the stoner, or just the comic book girl Blair. Kevin (whose geek qualifications you could easily question) + Olivia = AOTS a treat worth indulging in a couple times a week.

  • James Jones

    G4, with sufficient work, might rise to the level of the cable local access channel. (Of course, I’m just talking about the shows they actually create themselves, which is a trivial fraction of their programming.) AotS is utter festering dreck; what can you say about a show whose high point was cramming a server up someone’s posterior?

    I don’t know enough about Ms. Munn to say whether she’s a faux nerd or not; I can’t really say I care. I do hope she’ll advance from working for G4 to something better, though OTOH that’s not a lot to hope for.

  • Thomas

    I totally agree, I hate it when an attractive woman turns herself into a commodity for us men to consume (which I know I do, ha ha) and finds a way to make money from it. What a selfish bitch.

    I love how you ended with the worst possible scenario, the attractive woman making herself unavailable for machismo male consumption. That’s just the best. Fat women are worse than like, everything. They should all jump off bridges to spare us important people from their nastiness.

    I know “real” girl nerds that have low enough self-esteem to desire your attention will be grateful for this post! Thanks Paul!

  • No problem!

  • Whateva

    There’s no doubt, she’s a hottie and the only reason to watch AotS, which I generally watch without the sound. TechTV went to crap when G4 bought them.

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  • Fizzlebop

    Dan Pettit said: “Name some frauds for me that would do that for their fans?”

    Any fraud that wants to be popular. Here are two: Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia. Because they’re frauds, fan interaction and appreciation is really all they have.


    In Soviet Russia, celebrity says hey to you means honest she will is!

    (A note: Not to be a cunt, but I’m not going to read your response. Not because it wouldn’t be splendid, but just because this was a sort of quick thing I wanted to say and never get a response from.)

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  • Major Doom

    “She’s read blogs, she’s played Halo, and now she’s the country’s resident girl gamer”

    This doesn’t make her a nerd. In fact, it makes her a wannabe, just like any other asshole who thinks reading blogs, playing some console game, while being logged in Facebook means they are a nerd.

    A nerd is someone that plays old school games (NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis) and sits there for 30 minutes to install a game on a computer, also codes websites and small utilities such a calculator to replace Windows calculator, plays D&D, and holds down a tech job with multiple certifications. THAT’S A FUCKING NERD!

    My dick in your mouth bitch!

  • Rich

    This blog post was a cheap way to get the attention of Olivia/AotS.

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  • I Totally would agree with you on Olivia Munn being the evil…the lady is a wow and has brought some coolness on the eyes. Isn’t it a bit devilish to see her with the swords?

    For her latest Playboy Photoshoot
    Check This Out!

  • Lance

    Well, I do love Olivia. Fake or not she is still hot as hell.

    I’m also in love with Felicia Day. Soooooooo nerdy hot.

  • anus

    wouldnt a relationship require both parties knowing each other? meaning does she even know or give a fuck about you? just curious

  • I thought you had a valid point about… something… then you forced me to scroll through countless pictures of her in various stages of undress. Now I think you’re an idiot for insulting such a beautiful woman… what was I talking about again?

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  • raf


  • emanuel

    How can i contact miss jennifer aniston!

  • Sue

    I’m a female fan of Olivia Munn. Okay, so she isn’t a gamer or a nerd – so what? She is in show business which is all about pretending to be something you’re not. I find her refreshing because she is funny and has interesting things to say. I think she’s smart and her approach is smart. She is hitting key demographics and so far its working. I commend her. I truly think she’ll be a leading lady in romantic comedies. I know, I ‘d go watch her over Megan Fox, Katherine Heigl etc.

  • Ashweee

    Just because she doesn’t play video games doesn’t make her not a nerd, she has stated before that she’s not a big gamer, she’s more into tech, and that works for her, part of her job is to know about games, or at least pretend she does.

    And most of the time when she dresses up ON the show it’s a joke, as someone said, if you WATCH the show, you don’t take her seriously. Mchammer anybody?

  • Ashweee

    let me also add, Kevin was also dressed up as a maid in that episode, which completely overrode her being dressed up IMO.

  • Ray Al

    olivia munn is not a gamer nerd nor is she portrayed as such, she’s funny/poised tv host.

    she’s also a hot woman, something a lot of gamer nerds and attention slut bloggers obviously automatically resent.

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  • This doesn’t make her a nerd. In fact, it makes her a wannabe, just like any other asshole who thinks reading blogs, playing some console game, while being logged in Facebook means they are a nerd.

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  • Marcel

    It’s not that she’s a genius, but all those sad lonely nerds are idiots.

  • Conspiracy theory abounds! So, Olivia is a fake geek, a real hottie, and a “pretend” gamer. Oh the crimes against humanity!!

    Seriously, she’s hot. Who cares if she’s a geek or faking. I jacked it to her once an it was worth it. I couldn’t care less who she _really_ is. Eye candy is good enough for me.

    Maybe you’re bitter because you thought she might actually be the “right” woman for you. What do you expect?

  • anonymous

    I know this topic is old, but I’m loling in the comments on how stupid you guys are.

    Yes Olivia IS a fake attention whoring bitch who will fool any fat ugly basement dwelling virgins like you because you can’t get laid IRL. Even if you can, you are probably a typical douchebag who loves to fuck sluts in clubs and has over 10 bastard kids.

    Whores are like fast food, they are bad for you. But you continue to feed off of it.

    Don’t even get me started on her PETA ad.


  • bookins

    LOLOL. I love the gamer geeks who’ve only had women bump into them on accident before act like this ho-bag is a goddess. She is a slut. An attention-seeking whore who is like a backwoods uneducated hillbilly to be exact. I am looking forward to the day when I wake up and hear that this whore fell off an escalator while giving fellatio to some faggy celebrity.

  • anonymous

    how is this genius?:
    ‘im going to make it seem like i like what geeks like so they like me.’

    i think her genius lies in that she has a unique sense of humor and is good at being in the spot light.

  • James Sunderland

    I would eat her coochie.
    BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!