5 Awesome When They Were Young Photos of Big Time Actors

Once in a while you’ll pop across an awesome picture of a celebrity that you have never seen before.   Just the other day I ran across an interesting one of Ian Mckellan.  He looked very slick, young, and it was so out of context.  I think it’s really because most of us know him as an older actor.

So I decided to look up a few more actors.  Nothing special.  Nothing exhaustive.  Just a few that I thought were kind of cool and pictures I hadn’t seen before.

Here are 5 awesome “when they were young” photos of big time actors….

Ian Mckellan

Kind of looks like a suave cat there doesn’t he?

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony!

Robert De Niro

I don’t ever recall seeing this picture of De Niro.  Nor do I remember him ever having hair that long.  Cool stuff.

Meryl Streep

She was pretty damn hot back in those days don’t you think?

Jack Nicholson

Sly little devil.


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