When Superheroes Hit Middle Age

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Behold, the sad future of two of our favorite superheroes, if we actually allowed them to age that is. Superman finally ditched Lois and settled with the obvious choice of Wonder Woman. What? If Lois was still around that baby would have kicked its way out of her stomach at like five months.

I love the star spangled stretch pants and the paunch-accentuating wife-beater. Even Kryto looks pretty ragged. What are they making? Pasta? Super Pasta?

Can’t find the artist but my micro vision tells me it’s Marco A-something.

  • Ksjdhben

    The signature reads Marcio Abreu. He’s a comic book artist and on deviantArt

  • Ender88

    funny picture but I am pretty sure Superman would just use his heat vision to boil whatever he’s got cookin.

  • Cotey

    Bad example as neither of these super heroes age.