5 Examples of When Celebrities Age

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

Have you ever looked at one of those computer enhancer things to tell you what you’d look like in 10, 20, even 50 years?  There are a fair amount of aging simulators out there and I must admit it’s kind of neat to see what you might potentially look like as an old person.

It’s not exactly something we think about all the time but if anyone thinks about age it’s celebrities.  They are constantly trying to stay young and will do anything to avoid losing that young “joie de vive.”

But we all age.  How well we hide it is up to us.  But all the Botox in the world ain’t gonna hide the fact that you have to wear Depends.

Here are 5 celebrities who have been retouched to show older age

 Paris Hilton

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

I’m not really sure what to make of that other than the fact that she might be a member of the Thundercats in the second picture.  I had always assumed that when Paris Hilton got older that she’d either just kill herself or just turn into Lisa Rinna.

 Angelina Jolie

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

Sadly this seems about right.  I’m not a huge Jolie fan in the first place but now that it would appear Jon Voight is even more in her future, my fanning of Jolie has become virtually non existent.   Enjoy your later years Brad.

David Beckham

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

Is there any reason why I think this second picture is so fitting?  Is it the English thing?  Is it that Beckham at heart is really just an old bloke who wants to sit by a fire and have a pipe in his hand?  Either that or he wears lipstick and drinks way too much brandy.  He’s still a good looking chap but definitely a sissy.

Victoria Beckham

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

Um.  Could the older Victoria look any more like one of the aliens in Cocoon?   I’m pretty sure a yellow creature is going to split open the human skin any moment and fly right out of there.  And then she’ll heal all our wounds with that glow touch move.

Britney Spears

Celebrities AgingCelebrities Aging

Hey, Helen Hunt!  Nice to see ya!

Interesting.  So Britney spears is going to look like Helen Hunt?


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