What They Drink on Cybertron

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When crafting a new beer, it can be hard to come up with an effective name to get people talking about it, but sometimes you can have a flash of genius so bright, you can see it from space.

And so “Hoptimus Prime” was born. I’m desperately trying to hunt down this beer so I can order some for my beer and Transformers loving ex-roommate, and all I could turn up with was a listing for a close brewery in Pennsylvania. Eternal sadness ensued.

What’s your favorite crazily named local beer?

  • colin

    We have a lot of microbreweries in Montana some of the better beer names are “Pigs Ass Porter” Moose Drool” and Olde Bongwater”

  • Mulltalica

    Here in Connecticut we have a brewing company call New England Brewing Co. They craft such delicious canned beverages as Sea Hag IPA and Elm City Lager. Those are their normal brews, but then they get bored and put out awesome brews (like 667: Neighbor of the Beast). My personal favorite was the one that introduced me to the brewery: Imperial Stout Trooper.

  • J5

    @ Colin – Moose Drool is delicious.

    Here in Tucson we have Nimbus Brewing Co. and the have a potent beer called Old Monkey Shine, but outside of that, pretty standard beer names, Red, Dirty Guera, etc.

    Barrio Brewery has the NCAAle (N-C-double-ale) that’s delicious as well.

  • danny glova

    I brewed some home brew (hoppy amber) about a year ago and had custom logo’s made by one of my friends who is an artist….i called it Predator’s Cloak with the slogan “if it’s delicious, we can drink it” on the label with obviously a picture of the Predator with a jungle scene and helicopters in the background….SO SICK

  • og bobby j

    you can get hotimpus in a buy rite liquor store here in jersey

  • Grimlock_Smash

    Not local for me, but Racer 5 and Racer X (single and double IPAs, respectively) take the crown. Bear Republic Brewery in California. Also Arrogant Bastard Ale, by Stone (located in San Diego, CA).

  • ZanicNight

    I believe Legacy Brewing Co. is not longer around so I am sure how much more hotimpus you will find out there

  • ZanicNight

    Correction while Legacy Brewing is not aroudn anymore. Ruckus Brewery has taken on Hoptimus

  • Brandon

    X2 for Arrogant Bastard Ale!

  • Sam

    Here in Utah we have Polygamy Porter. I’ve tried it but didn’t like it, then again I don’t like beer in the first place.

  • Ricky

    Never tried it, but a name that sure stuck with me was Tricerahops ale

  • Cave Creek Chili Beer?

  • lurker

    There was “Hoptimus Prime” bewerage in Fable II with a description something like “transform into a drunken idiot”.

  • FilthWizard1985

    I’ve always been a fan of thw Wychwood beers – Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, Goliath, Scarecrow, Wychcraft, Dog’s Bollocks, Dirty Tackle and Bah Humbug (Xmas seasonal brew)