The Most Random Superwoman Picture I’ve Ever Seen


OK let’s talk about this for a minute.  Fetishes are a huge part of our culture.  I get it.  I suppose if I look deep enough I can understand why someone would really be into feet.  I mean I personally don’t have an affinity for feet but if I loosen all my conventions I can accept it.

I can even understand pee fetishes if you want to take it to an extreme.  Hell we all can understand the Cosplay fetish.  I’ve been one to partake in the whole Cosplay genre.

But for the life of me, who in God’s name is into a Superwoman whose underwear slips while carrying celery?

OK fine, she’s kind of hot.

Thanks to Marcus for the pic.

  • IcemanD

    I don’t know man, celery is pretty hot.

    But, the things I would do to a girl holding a radish…oh man…

  • It’s kind of strange seeing a Superman suit with the panties not on their respective place. As if there’s missing something…

    Oh and that superman is actually a hot superwoman 🙂

    @IcemanD: and don’t forget the asparagus… *yuk*

  • Chris

    I think it’s an Art Frahm reference. He had a thing for celery and loose panties.

  • Skikes

    is that catherine tate?

  • Sean

    Dammit. Now I want to see more cute girls dressed as DC characters holding vegetables.

  • Ryan

    It looks to me like Minnie Driver, and it’s definitely something to do with that Art Frahm guy.

  • Bryan

    The thing that bothers me is that the panties look crotchless. I mean… oh, I don’t know….

  • JKB

    Well, if she were holding a cucumber that would just be vulgar. I think that if that celery was in a bloody mary, the image would do more for me.

    I think the image is a metaphor for dieting. In that if you eat right even if you’re superwoman, you’ll still need to buy new panties to hug your slimmer figure.

  • Bert

    I’m with Bryan – this girl must have certain super-corrosion powers…

  • BTSculptor

    That’s the work of Marcus Ranum –

  • nemo

    harumph. if that had been asparagus…well, you know.

    off with her booties!


  • ben

    I see 3 squares

  • Anonamouse
  • theloonman

    And just where was she hiding that celery?