We Are So Small…

Sometimes I want this site to be more than just cosplay girls and Skyrim jokes. I want to actually make you think about stuff, which is the reason for the picture I’m featuring here.

It’s the first two images of a multi-picture project that aims to show just how small earth is compared to everything else in the universe. As you can see, some of the large objects later on make us look downright microscopic.

Check out the full image below:

HAH! I laughed. Did you?

  • Andy

    Argh, you just reminded me of how much I hated the stupid Xbox F(atty) controllers. I remember going out and buying 4 of them for Halo, only to have them release the S controllers, like 2 weeks later.

  • cam

    they should have used the duke controller… 5 out of 10 internets

  • BrockSamson

    Oh yeah, the old “melon” controllers. Seriously, they were rounded in the middle like a fucking grapefruit.

    We referred to the S controllers as “japs.” Small hands.

  • Rum

    The sad thing is, that isnt even the big Xbox controller.

  • Audrey

    The final picture didn’t show up for me.. :/

  • Limitus

    if you’re really interested in something like this (without the controllers) then check this out:

    it’s simply fascinating